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AZLK Moskvich-412

AZLK Moskvich-412 1.0

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Moskvich 412 was restyling model for M-408 with new 1.5L engine and some new design elements (new front and rear optical). The car was more powerfull and faster than 408 and more safety due its chassis and bumpers modification. It exported for many Europe countries. M-412 was very popular car in USSR and was produced from 1967 to 1999 with repeatedly restyling. It had low cost and very high reliability.
Reliability was cause racing success in London-Sidney and London-Mexico and some more rally trophy. In circuit racing known not bad result in 1971's 24H Spa and courious championship title in 1972's Castrol and Britax series with Tony Lanfranchi.

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3D modelling
Харт, Viking, Vint, Grunger, medvedd, Yuriy Zhabin, Kunos

2D artists
Харт, Viking, Vint, Grunger, medvedd, Yuriy Zhabin, Kunos

|Viper|, Dmitriy Alekseev, Kunos, Yuriy Zhabin, Dmitriy Ildyakov, Den Deepfish

Yuriy Zhabin

Test drivers
Alexey Yaushev, Konstantin Starikov, Dmitriy Ildyakov

Official online championship: https://vk.com/pfcevents or https://www.facebook.com/pfceventsac/

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    Added all skins and templates

Latest reviews

Fantastic work, thank you! Visually beautiful, fully functional lights including turn signals (Rally: fog lights & extra full beam too), and a believable driving behavior. The tires are so skinny and low in grip that you can even pull off massive drifts in the normal Moskvich-412. One of my favorite mods!
looks Hi Quality Thx for your share
Nice work, great visuals.
I hope that one day you'll make 408 too
May be)
Great mod!
Fantasztikus... Komolyan... Minden elismerésem
Top job as always.
Man I wish you made those mods for AMS, too. Love your work.
Thank you very much! It'will be soon
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119.4 MB
First release
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User rating
5.00 star(s) 6 ratings

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