Ayrton Senna Toleman TG184 1.0

Custom livery for the Lotus Type 98T Turbo

  1. derick_pereira

    Naamloos-1.jpg Naamloos-2.jpg Naamloos-3.jpg

    Installation instructions:

    1. Extract the 'Ayrton Senna Toleman TG184 1.0' rar file
    2. Go to: Project CARS 2 - Vehicles - Textures - CustomLiveries
    3. Replace the 'lotus_98t_livery' DDS file
    Assetto Corsa - Ayrton Senna Toleman TG-184-02:

    Download link: http://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/ayrton-senna-toleman-tg-184-02.11813/

    If you like and appreciate my hard work, please support. Thank you.​
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  1. rubencer
    Version: 1.0
    Nice, Thank You!!!!
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