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Ayrton Senna Lotus 98T 1.0

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Rustic Wolf
Thank you my friend, I have memories of watching a beautiful black car on the TV as a child in the 70s, then smoked the cigarettes in the 80s because I liked the car as a kid.
Now I'm driving it thanks to you. good man , beautiful work.
Awesome work, thanks !
Great Job!
I am remembering that I never thak you for this pure beauty you made, It's a huge and beautiful work ! ;-) Thank you very much !
Still an awesome livery. Thanks. =]
By my avatar you can measure the joy that has given me ...
Thank you!
Awesome work :) thanks
Super good!
Great idea and great job!
Well done!
Joli ! ;)
Brilliant! Ayrton Senna a true legend of F1.
I just want to say thanks!!!
Top job mate
First Class ML! Now this is THE DOGS DOODAHS
great work plus anything to do with my racing hero is a bonus,thanks for the hardwork ,Senna/car is now immortalized into AC !! ,thx
Wow!!!! Nice One
Awesome work ML ... 5*****