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Ayrton Senna Lotus 98T 1.0

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Senna Lotus

Put this together in the spare time (odd 10mins here and there) in between work.

Done in three sizes.

8192, 4096, 2048.

Also comes with two helmet designs to choose from if you wish to use them. Senna's traditional Yellow version, plus a Black and Gold version.

Excuse the quality of the helmet designs, but this is beyond my control for the moment as the helmet model in game isn't that great to be honest.

All sizes are clearly defined within the download folder, and as standard the Yellow helmet is in the file as the default helmet.

If you want the Black version, just copy and paste it into the car folder.

Ensure you back up you original game file first in case of any issues you might encounter.

I will add more detail to the suit and helmet possibly, when I find a little free time.

Thank you.







Latest reviews

So I downloaded the mod and it just broken I don't know if its me or the mod but please fix it
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Great Job!
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I am remembering that I never thak you for this pure beauty you made, It's a huge and beautiful work ! ;-) Thank you very much !
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Still an awesome livery. Thanks. =]
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By my avatar you can measure the joy that has given me ...
Thank you!
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Awesome work :) thanks
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Super good!
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Great idea and great job!
Well done!
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Joli ! ;)
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Brilliant! Ayrton Senna a true legend of F1.
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I just want to say thanks!!!
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Top job mate
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First Class ML! Now this is THE DOGS DOODAHS
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great work plus anything to do with my racing hero is a bonus,thanks for the hardwork ,Senna/car is now immortalized into AC !! ,thx
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Wow!!!! Nice One
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Awesome work ML ... 5*****
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Senna worthy!!
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