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Automotodrom Grobnik 2.71

Automotodrom Grobnik, Rijeka Croatia

  1. Grobnik version 1.6

    Mitja Bonca
    What`s new in version 1.6:
    - fixed starting order on the grids
    - fixed pits (since previous update there were a complete new pits, but now updated)
    - added some planes on the airport and a (rescue) helicopter to the track (behind the pits)
    - fixed some bumps on the road surface (specially in the Zagrebacki turn, before last one, on a special wish, since it was a bit exaggerated)
    - changed grass textures (to look like its scorched) same goes for the trees
    - changed tarmac texture (more detailed and a bit brighter as well)
    - added a complete new high voltage power line and cables in 3rd sector (like real one)
    - planted more vegetation around the circuit to feel more real
    - changed lighting of all objects
    - changed mash of the grass in some parts of the track (specially in Rupa turn, in the lowest part of the track, together with that small cave on the right)
    - added 3d people, marshals and a few cameramen around the track
    - added some boards around the track (commercial ones)
    - replaced static flags with waving ones on the s/f line (finally)
    - repositioned medical cars and fire trucks
    - created sections.ini file with all original corner names in Croatian language *
    - many small issues fixed and changed

    * turn the app for corner names, and will be dispayed on your screen (+ there is a fully working track map)


    Enjoy driving.
    ps: if there is still anything that needs to be done or changed, please let me know, will be more then glad to make it happen.

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