Automatic Ping Kick (Linux server side) 1.0

Server side plugin to kick automaticly players who have a big ping

  1. Eulnono
    The high ping of a player can spoil the gaming experience by causing lags for all players. This script allows you to automatically kick a player with a ping value too high (after 3 warnings).

    Each 30 secondes, the script check the ping average of players.
    Player who have an exceeded value (define by admin) received 1 warn.
    After 3 warns, the player is kicked.


    This script required :
    - Assetto server linux
    - Stracker (only to diffuse messages)
    - PHP5
    - Screen

    Installation :
    - Unzip Copy / paste into a folder (for example /home)
    - Edit file ping_kick.php and set the different variables
    - Open a new screen : screen -S ping-Kick
    - Lunch it : php5 ping_kick.php
    - Let the application in background (CTRL + A D)

    For a test set the $max_ping value to 1.
    Enjoy it, any question to
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  1. Javier Hernando
    Javier Hernando
    Version: 1.0
    Great job!
    1. Eulnono
      Author's Response
      Thank you Javier !