Autodromo International Siracusa

Autodromo International Siracusa 1.21

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Autodromo International Siracusa

Located in Eastern Sicily, the small circuit of Autodromo International Siracusa is now a shadow of its former, more prestigious self.

Originally a street circuit, racing began in Spring 1950 when the circuit held the 1st Coppa d’Oro di Sicilia (Sicily Golden Cup), a race for Sport cars. The following year the circuit held the first Syracuse Grand Prix, a non championship F1 race. The circuit continued to host F1 races until 1967, with racing coming to an end in 1970. By 2000, a new permanent circuit was built and small racing events were held.

Recently, this circuit fell out of use and is now abandoned. We have brought it back to its former glory!




Converted with permission of the original author, Massimo Grassa

- 20 pit/start grid
- CSP LightsFX, GrassFX, VAO
- dedicated physical road mesh w/camber

Known bugs:
- a few trees have bad edges*
- country flags distort too much*
*these will be fixed via CSP ini update

Author - Massimo Grassa
AC Conversion - RMi_wood
Misc, Lights & Road mesh - martincoulombe
Cameras - Dabaeda
Tree help - Slider666


Latest updates

  1. Small fixes

    changelog: - fix possible issue with grass - removed seasons (caused grass issue?) - added...
  2. Lighting and road fixes

    changelog v1.20 - enhanced lighting by @CrisT86 - road mesh raised to prevent cut-off wheels -...
  3. misc updates

    changelog: - AI pit bug fix - shader updates - double sided fixes - extra flag shaders on misc...

Latest reviews

Nice. Thank you!
Awesome Track, Thank you
I like the track a lot.
if it is a RMI track just hit Download, you won't regret it
very nice track! very nice quality! thank you!!
Merci pour ce correctif très rapide ! Ce circuit mérite désormais ses 5 étoiles. Il est réellement "MAGNIFIQUE". Toutes vos réalisations sont extraordinaires, et ce que vous faites pour AC mérite un grand SALUT
you are welcome. thank you for the report
Magnifique. J'adore ces couleurs de route dans les tons semi-clair. La seule chose qui ne fonctionne pas correctement sont les pits : certaines voitures ne sortent pas.
I was going to say, "A perfect reproduction of a great course," before I saw Mr Waffles niggle (below). So, "An ALMOST perfect reproduction...." It's still worth five stars.
There seems to be several layers of asphalt texture and the top layer cuts off the bottom part of a car's wheels from view, making them look like they're floating. Other than that it's a good track.
yes, cant be perfect when smoothing a track for physical road mesh using the original road as textures.
known and noted, thank you.

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