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Autodromo de Buenos aires by H22

Autodromo de Buenos aires by H22 1.5

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up again! after a misunderstanding in which I was accused of having stolen the content of this track,
(which has just been reviewed and and where they say that the content is mine)
we can have it available again! thanks to all for the support!

again I thank the "Asociacion Argentina de Volantes" and "Vracer simuladores de competicion"
for the support in the development of the track that was made entirely from scratch,
Obviously we use some resources from kunos because the track is exclusive for their platform.

stay tuned for new releases we are developing with "SG" shifting gear.

--- translation ---

otra vez arriba ! despues de un mal entendido en el que se me acusaba de haber robado el contenido de esta pista,
(la cual se acaba de revisar y me afirman que el contenido es propio)
podemos tenerla otra vez disponible! gracias a todos los que hicieron el aguante!

nuevamente agradezco a la "Asociacion Argentina de Volantes" y a "Vracer simuladores de competicion "
por el apoyo en el desarrollo de la pista que se realizo en su totalidad de cero,
obvio utilizamos algunos recursos de kunos debido a que la pista es exclusiva para su plataforma.

esten atentos a nuevos lazamientos que estamos desarrollando con "SG" shifting gear.

vracer logo2.jpg

Latest updates

  1. drag fix

    drag fix
  2. some bugs fixed

    fix layout 5, 6 and 8 was an error in model.ini ( thanx to NightEye87 ) added ui track txt only...
  3. some bugs fixed

    layout 7 map fix. layout 8_a map fix added vao. sun trayectory fixed (thanx to Gonzalo...

Latest reviews

Impresionante!!! ahora hay que sumar el circuito de CARX
Upvote 1
hi,great track i really like how you do the f1-1995 No6 of the track is it possible to do a 1995 skin ads of the no6!..cheers!
Upvote 0
top quality mod!
Upvote 0
Increíble! Los que te acusaron de plagio son los crápulas que siguen vendiendo un simulador argentino que salió en 2007? Gente que no!
Upvote 2
Very good job ., so so real...!
Upvote 0
very good. thanks
Upvote 0
Excelente trabajo!!!
Upvote 0
esta buenisimo, lo unico que me gustaria es una version mas base del autodromo sin tantos recursos para tener un mejor rendimiento (ej: sin edificios, arboles, publico etc)
Upvote 0
Excelent mod, the circuit looks stunning
Upvote 0
Excellent track! Love all the layouts, just one thing to reconsider for next version, is it possible to move the start/finish line from its actual position to in front of the grid? I mean, if any car starts from grid 31, as soon it starts, this car completes lap one being the first in the grid already in lap 2. You know waht I mean? Is not possible to race with full grid of over 40 AI cars because 7 or 8 cars became the first 7 or 8 cars of the pack with almost a lap of gap to the rest of the field.
Upvote 1
Upvote 2
Excelente laburo, me encanta! Pensas agregar el kartodromo pronto? Estoy re ansioso de probarlo con los Kart 125cc tuyos!
Upvote 0
Excelente trabajo como siempre!!! Gracias por compartirlo!!!
Upvote 0
muy bueno man. Lindo laburo.
Upvote 0
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Upvote 1
This track is stunning. Thank you so much for all of your hard work !
Upvote 0
Veddddy nice. Loved this in AMS 1. Thank you !
Upvote 0
Excelente Mod. Muchas gracias por compartirlo
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