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Autodromo de Antioquia

Autodromo de Antioquia 0.9.2

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I present the Autodromo de Antioquia - Central Park; my first created track. Thre track was made using the architect's plans and aerial information of the racetrack that is being built at the moment.


The idea of the autodromo was born in the Municipality of Bello 25 years ago led by Ecoparmo (Ecoparmo MotorSports Corporation); just 8 km from the City of Medellín, Capital of Antioquia - Colombia; located between 2 Metro stations.

It is the first Motor Sports Eco-Park to be built in Colombia under international standards; It includes the Autodromo endorsed by the FIA, which has a track 2,610 meters long by 15 meters wide; projecting itself as the third racetrack in Latin America after Mexico City and Rio de Janeiro.


The construction of the autodromo began on August 29, 2019 by the Government of Antioquia, the company VIVA and INDEPORTES Antioquia; and projected to end by the second semester of 2020.


The track was created for rFactor2 and converted to Assetto Corsa; the geography surrounding the racetrack was generated using Gis tools, they are geographically correct.


The buildings that are currently on the track are only a placeholder until the final buildings are constructed and can be 3d modelled.

As more details of the track are known and there are onboard videos with the final layout, new updates will be made.







Hernan Cuartas
(https://www.facebook.com/motocuartas) and ECOPARMO (https://www.facebook.com/ecoparmo/) for the information on the track and its layout.
The Pilot Santiago Moreno (https://www.facebook.com/santiago.moreno.311493) for his feedback in bout track layouts, feel and flow.
Metrofrenos (http://www.metrofrenos.com) and CDA Tecnired (https://www.cdatecnired.com/) for their support to this initiative.


This track is FREE AS IN BEER; it can be used in any event or league (open or closed or paid or free), the only condition is to give credit to the original author.
Please consider supporting me (the author) so I can continue creating more contents like this by donating via PayPal to balamacab@gmail.com
Any amount helps!

Latest updates

  1. Fix harsh lightning

    Fix the sun angle and trajectory to reflect the location sun, also try to fix the harsh...
  2. Added a working map to the track

    Minor update. Following the comments from elvis feet; a map has been generated using the...

Latest reviews

El tipo de proyectos que hay que apoyar. Mil gracias amigo.
Te dejo esto en español, como debe ser parcero:
Excelente pista, me gusta la sensación de correr en un circuito de nuestro país. Ojalá te animes a seguir creando contenido de Colombia; siempre he querido correr en el autódromo de Tocancipá, pero creo que no existe. Un muy buen trabajo
Gracias por el análisis, por el momento estoy llevando las pistas de karts de Colombia a los simuladores, empezando por las no conocidas.

Ver pistas aqui:

Eventualmente visitare el Autodromo de Tocancipa, pero es un terma que mueve muchas fibras; asi que espero tener la suficiente experiencia en el modelado antes de hacerlo. También recrear de nuevo el Autodromo de Antioquia una vez este completada la obra en la vida real.
Gracias por subirlo, hace falta mas del poco contenido que podemos hacer en el País... tremendo!
Muy buen trabajo. Felicitaciones
Good effort.
I just don't understand: those investors just build a racing track in the middle of a city.. and some people live within 50 m of the track :)
Do they not care? Or do they just have nothing to say..?
It will soon become impossible to live there if there is a lot of activity on the track. Just asking.
Yup.. that's a great question... look at a video showing that i'm not been creative here:
Buen trabajo, interesante el trazado, a mi ojo, tal vez necesita cambiar el aspecto de algunas texturas para conseguir un mayor realismo, siendo un primer proyecto, felicidades!!!
Interesting circuit with quite some corners, I liked it. However the shaders and textures need more work, hope you can keep polish it.
Thanks for the feedback. I'm adjusting illumination and texture levels to reduce the harsh lightning; I hope to produce an update today or tomorrow.
Thanks! for the work, an excellent base to continue improving, as others said a little bit of optimization and textures but in general terms a really good track! thanks for your dedication
Thanks for the feedback.
Gracias por el circuito. No hagas caso a la gente tonta aqui que insulta, y que nunca ha subido nada a este sitio. Espero que sigas trabajando y mejorando el circuito - ya tiene buen base. Saludos! :)
Salvatore, muchas gracias por tu apoyo y evaluación, espero poder continuar evolucionando el circuito y agregando mas trazados.
Not bad, keep it up!
Thanks for the feedback
Nice track. Few cosmetic issues though: some trees could be in "Y-form", some trees and shadows pop up really late and the hills near the track look weird and distracting. I am sounding all negative but I really don't mean to, this could be a really good track. I hope you keep working on it.
Thanks for the feedback, I'll look in to those recommendations in a future update
very nice track keep up the good work,
Muy buen trabajo, seria bueno si se mejoraran un poco las texturas y se agregaran mas variantes, gracias por el aporte que le viene bien al simracing y al motorsport en colombia.
Sigue así <3
Hola Esteban, gracias por su evaluación. Tengo ya lista la variante de karts en rFcator2 pero requiero saber cómo incluirla en Assetto Corsa. En una futura versión estará disponible.
why would anyone post a track like this with no map. Are you in a hurry to get famous or something?
Hi elvis feet, thanks for your feedback; a track map has been added and a new minor version released. I hope you enjoy the track.
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