Auto24ring, Estonia v1.2

Auto24ring circuit in Estonia, created with LIDAR data

  1. Fixed texture load error

    Version 1.2 changelog:
    - fixed corrupt wood texture dds files, which should fix track load errors (thanks RowanZa for the hint)
    - new and faster AI driving line (thanks LiquidSkyMan)
    - Time Attack is now available to drive! (thanks LiquidSkyMan)
    - optimized track UI + updated info file (thanks LiquidSkyMan)
    - in-game map more zoomed out (thanks...
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  2. Fixed one banner flicker, used official Armco barrier profile

    Fixed one banner flicker, seen from start-finish straigh till first corner. Replaced metal barriers profile from generic zig-zag to official Armco barrier profile (though the change is visually almost not noticeable, it's one step closer to perfect virtual replica of track.
  3. Removed most flicker, improved corner cambers, added pit limiter

    Changelog version 1.1

    - removed/reduced flicker from billboards around the track
    - added realistic steeper camber to the corners after the second straight
    - little elevation/camber changes also elsewhere on the track
    - added pit limiter in the pits
    - created better collision object around pit wall
    - rotated pitboxes 90° to the pitlane direction
    - opened the left pit exit for faster track access
    (although it's not officially used, thus AI won't use it)
    - added corner names in sections.ini...
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