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Auto24ring, Estonia

Auto24ring, Estonia v1.2

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Here’s my second track for AC, this time it’s Auto24ring in Estonia.

And a hotlap video:

Track description:
auto24ring is the only road racing circuit exclusively used for car and motorcycle racing in Estonia and is the only racing circuit in the Baltics that has FIA Grade 4 license.

auto24ring has a meandering layout through the curves and straights in total track length of 3.2 kilometres, providing an excellent and safe driving experience for both professionals and beginners. Many drivers have said that this is the best race circuit in Nordic that’s why the circuit has a slogan: “Probably the best race track in Nordic.”

Track specs:
Length: 3170m, witdh: 14m, pitboxes: 23.

Track’s 3D quality is ensured by using LIDAR data with aerial photographs and working through many images and videos. It is also approved by the track owners, making it the official version represented in Assetto Corsa.

I’ve also created auto24ring’s official car Toyota G86 skin.

Available here: GT86 Auto24ring Skin.rar
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4.12 star(s) 34 ratings

Latest updates

  1. Fixed texture load error

    Version 1.2 changelog: - fixed corrupt wood texture dds files, which should fix track load...
  2. Fixed one banner flicker, used official Armco barrier profile

    Fixed one banner flicker, seen from start-finish straigh till first corner. Replaced metal...
  3. Removed most flicker, improved corner cambers, added pit limiter

    Changelog version 1.1 - removed/reduced flicker from billboards around the track - added...

Latest reviews

Very accurate track, coming from a local. Overall perfect!
One of the worst optimized tracks I have ever seen, absolutely unplayable with AI. A shame, because otherwise it would be a really good track, 4-5 stars for sure.
Thank you
Looks and drives nicely but completely tanks fps like no other track out there.
Quite impressed with how good this mod looks, high quality and a fun layout as well. Thank you!
As an Estonian and someone who's driven this track multiple times, I can say, that this mod is super accurate (maybe with an exception of one or two curbs) and well made.
Gotta be worth 5 stars, not 100% perfect but none are. Thanks for the time and effort.
Finally it loads. It's a nice track filled with some nice details. The flickering textures, some cardboard-like buildings and some badly placed replay cameras keep this one from reaching the perfect mark. Anyway, cheers for sharing and for improving it.
Hope it will get the good reviews it deserves now
Mcarno, glad to see you got it working. Fun little track. Thanks
Nice little track. Really liking it!
Sorry mate, It won't load.
Track do not working.....dont load returns to start window
Game crashed:
Some texture's format or size might be wrong
Track loads but ai cars don't come out to practice or qualify .
They do appear on the grid though if you go straight to race
Still crashes trying to load the track. Sorry.
I don't understand why this track works for some guys and not for every one. I've installed it twice and it goes nowhere. Crash. Really would like to see it with all the good talk about it.
Doesn't work. Claims files missing when decompressing
Great job, thanks a lot!
Its Probably the best race track in Nordic
Super! :)
Lacks a little optimization of the track, otherwise good circuit layout.
Hell yeahh..My hometown track. Really nicely done. Yeah in practice or qualify opponents doesnt leave pits but race mode was great. Thumbs up!!
Doesn't work.
Very good track, fun to use with low-powered cars, modelling and textures quality is completely satisfying. Having the same flickering signs and banners as everyone else but the biggest issue is in practice/qualy sessions AI will not drive onto the track (some will crash head on to the barrier in pit lane). AI also posts quite slow laptimes. On 96% I can easilly race a Lada 2101 A2 against the much more powerful BMW M3 E30 step 1 because of the huge difference in corner speeds.

Otherwise, good work. Was a good training before a trackday at auto24ring :) Hea töö!