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Auto Union Type C Camera Fix 2021-08-21

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DISCLAIMER: This data pack is for Gary J. Paterson's Auto Union Type C, which can be downloaded from the link below:

All this update does is adjust the position of the bumper and dashboard cameras and does not affect the driving physics in any way. If Gary Paterson implements his own fixes for these problems or requests for this to be taken down I will do so.

========================END OF DISCLAIMER========================

This update for the Auto Union Type C is here for monitor-players like myself who want to use dash-or-bumper cam with this vehicle but can't due to the camera placements on the base version.

For the bumper cam, I have increased the Z-Axis value from 1.6 to 2.3 metres; putting it past the front grille. As for the dash cam, the Y-Axis value has also been increased from 0.9 metres to 1 metre; bringing it in-line with the driver POV Camera and allowing the road ahead to be visible over the dashboard elements. Below is a collection of images showing the differences before and after the changes are applied.

To install this update, make sure to backup the original data.acd file, then add this new data file to the car's directory manually through the data-packer of your choice.​

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Thanx for this update. I always wondered how the drivers of old managed without seeing over the cowl :)
Raymond Racing
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