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Austin Mini Cooper S FIA App.K Historic Racing

Austin Mini Cooper S FIA App.K Historic Racing 2.12

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2.0 Version

Totally rebuilt from zero, the 2.0 version represents my personal journey in the modding world and 3d modeling.

Full race configuration, in compliance with appllication K FIA regulations, pre '66 touring car racing.
125HP and 140NM of torque. Full roll cage, racing suspensions and dampers, LSD and rear ARB fitted, all according to period correct specs. Easy and fun to drive, but difficult to master!

Detailed 3d model, openable doors, sound recorded from a real cooper S. Almost real suspension work and travel ( back emultated, as it's a trailing arm system), torque data from real rolling tests.
Fully working wipers, lights, indicators and all dash lights and gauges.

Big thanks to @Kyuubeey for the perfect work on physics, suspensions and tire model, and a lot of valuable info.

Big thanks to @luathas, for the big help with a lot of parts ( mirrors, handbrake, etc. ) a lot of mapping and quality control, testing, and the super super SOUND.

Latest updates

  1. 2.12

    HOTFIX corrected clutch torque of the Group 2 Version
  2. 2.1 + New 1000cc Group 2 version

    2.1 Version, with fixes for lods, mirrors. 1000cc Group 2 version added. A new version, Cooper...
  3. 2.0 Version, a whole new MINI

    As title says. Totally new car, new model, new physics. 3d model from scratch (again), using...

Latest reviews

Awesome cars to race. Excellent modeling, wide attention to details, so realism and imersion are over the top. Typical handling and well translated here. A ton of fun, thank you very much for the quality work and most of all for sharing it with us.
excellent work! I think the whine from those straight cut gears is pretty much bang on.. Having owned many Mini,s in my huge amount of years on this planet This is the next best thing to actually driving one for immersion. cant imagine how many hours you put into this but glad you did ! Many thanks for your effort..
This is lovely
It's such a great drive, and looks amazing
thank you
excellent work!
Best of the Best - well done
This has to be the ultimate Mini mod, for any game, ever.
Really like how those mini models handle. Very well implemented
nice mod
Great mod! The handling of the car is very realistic! The sound is the only negative thing! I have several Mini's and none sounds liek that! The gearbox straight cut gears do not sound so loud when accelerating and the enigne sound is also a bit different. I can't find much similarities between this car sounds and the real life car sounds. That's why I don't give 5 stars.
Really enjoyed taking this for a spin.
very good mod but the sound is awful
Engine Audio is somewhere lacking.
Great,when i was young i had one
this mod is AWESOME. one of the best Mini mods for Assetto Corsa
(also where did you find the colored showrooms)
I have waited so, so long for a Mini mod, let alone a good one !
THIS IS IT !! Thank you SO much for making this mod !! It's made my week. Going to be racing the hell out of this now. Thank you !!!!
The best Mini i've found yet for AC!! GOOD JOB! it looks perfect, sounds good and handles as you'd expect, my new go to for a quick fun race. Oh and that cream one looks so good!
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4.93 star(s) 121 ratings

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