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Aussie Legends XY Falcon 1971 Skins 2019-10-10

Aussie Legends XY Falcon 1971 Skins

  1. bears
    Ok its Bathurst this weekend so I thought I would clean these off my hard drive :) 17 Falcon XY skins from 1971 I think I covered every Falcon in the great race even an auto that raced in another class (the Lister - Seldon car. You also get some cars that raced in other races that year.

    Just open the archive file and drop the folder in your settings directory and all should work

    Cars will show up in the below location if you don't want that just comment out the category and or classes lines. If anyone one out there is talented enough I am sure these Falcons would love some Toranas to play with hint hint ;-)

    This is one of my favourite RF2 mods hopefully you enjoy these skins.




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Recent Reviews

  1. Durge Driven
    Durge Driven
    Version: 2019-10-10
    Thank You
  2. Brototype
    Version: 2019-10-10
    Love it, thank you!
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