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Audio Engine v.2016

If your ears aren't bleeding, its not loud enough!!!

  1. igearzone16
    Audio Engine for the F1 Game and F1 Simulator Super Mod

    Big thanks to Chargingcar for letting me use the AMG Benz Engine,
    much thanks bro...
    this thing screams horsepower...

    If your ears aren't bleeding.....

    its not loud enough....

    Sound of the McLaren video.... I think I'm turning Japanese..

    Sound of Mercedes & Red Bull also Lotus reflects the Red Bull and Williams the Mercedes.same engines..

    I want to know what you think...
    Once you try it out, please return to this page
    and please Rate It.
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    THANK YOU...

    I take all comments very seriously, and it also
    helps me in improving this game....

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Recent Reviews

  1. Dmitry Sorokin
    Dmitry Sorokin
    Version: v.2016
    Good job, friend!
  2. Carlos Nascimento
    Carlos Nascimento
    Version: v.2016
    Otimo trabalho ^^
  3. tigerlima
    Version: v.2016
    Nice sound for Mercedes and Renault engines, and for Ferrari, any plans? :-)
  4. AVVI
    Version: v. 2016
    Sounds like my grass-cutter.
    1. igearzone16
      Author's Response
  5. Rabero
    Version: v.2016
    like that sounds
    1. igearzone16
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