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Audi V8 DTM 1990-1992 2.7

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Decent start I guess, but both physics and materials need alot of work.
The Audi is excellent, top job!
metto 3 stelle perchè l'idea di inserire quest'auto è buona.la timbrica del motore l avete presa dalle v8 supercar australiane,la fisica non è poi così male..ma comunque è da rivedere! gli interni e gli esterni sono passabili..ma di certo non cè da gridare al miracolo.
So good things first i guess.
The car is gorgeous and it's fun to race against it or with it against the 92 DTM Cars.
What you could improve:
It drives a little bit to arcady,
the lap timer on the dash doesn't work,,
there should be a single Model for the 1990 V8 and the V8 Evo 1991/92 because of the Aero that is on the car,
and the carsound should be a little bit brighter (I heard that car sound on another mod. I guess it's from the V8 Supercars).
great choice of car, but it needs quite some work.
file archive is quite big for what you get in game

it doesn't help using big texture form different mods, if you only use it on one small object, It makes the size huge for no good benefit

also, it doesn't hurt to ask for permissions to re-use other people's work, but even more so, mention them in credits!! doing so deserves 1 star imo
Thanks! I have been waiting for this car! But! 1. Dash not working correctly. 2. Windscreen has a weird smearing to it. 3. LODs 200 mb???!!! Fix please!
Shiny on the outside but actual Frankenstein garbage mod. No bueno.
Pretty lazy rip Project Cars rip (Looks like) made by someone who hasn't read the pipeline. Physics are a complete mess just looking at them, made by someone who doesn't really have a clue. Also, the car's rear floats in the air with 0 load on start so it's not even usable for me, but it could be on my end as well. There's no real need to test it, I know just by looking at the data.

All in all I'm not sure how or why this made it to v2.7 when it's not even half done. Also rips aren't exactly allowed on RD, especially when no credit was given to begin with.
Neil Bainbridge
Neil Bainbridge
Its not a rip from project cars at all, its a conversion from a roadcar Audi V8 mod that was out there already. lots of hours of work so "Pretty lazy" does P**s me off a bits. A few of us wanted a car to drive that was missing in the game so we made it. I take it as a complement that you mistake it for a Project cars rip.
Dash not working correctly, and windscreen has a weird smearing to it. Fix these and I'll increase my rating. Thanks for adding to the DTM class.
Beautiful to look at and beautiful to drive. Top job!
bad job
Instant favorite. Thanks you so much.
Amazing ! However the headlights and the AI don't work!
Great Car but Dash is not working.
Thank you so much. so the dtm 90`s in ac are complete. Very nice mod.
Nice job :)
So glad you guys developed this car to where it needed to be