Audi TT Sport Cup 2015

Audi TT Sport Cup 2015 1.0

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thank you very much.
any update soon??
Great mod! Career with this mod would be awsome ;)
I like it!!!
Setup invalid with AC 1.3
Setup invalid on every track. What did I wrong?
but with AC 1.3 this mod need a little rework for top speed
The sounds are pretty terrible. I can't bear them for too long. It sounds like a weird alien spaceship thing. There's way too much traction and the car doesn't fight you at all. The only thing I find good about this mod is the models. Which are beautiful and well detailed. But it is incredibly dull to drive and the sounds are simply horrid. Do not recommend.
Great mod, easy and very funny to drive. Internal sound need really a restyle. 4 stars for me!
Nice work - can't fault your efforts and great to have a decent FWD car. Agree with others about the sounds, sure you or someone can sort that. Thanks for your work.

Is there a template please so I can do my own skin?
too easy, even without traction control, much too stable, no feedback on physical work in the FFB! outside appearance is well done! good for 3D, not for the physical, ask somebody to competent
3/5 for 3D
This car seems to be too easy to drive, textures in the cockpit are poor and the sound is too flat. But good work for the rest of this mod.
Great car all around! Only two things for me: I'd prefer a non- or less-blurred steering wheel and I'd like to see a fix for the left drivers hand grabbing into the wheel.
everything is well done and drives straight out of the box !
Thank you for sharing this mod with the community, congratulations on another Audi mod! Can't wait to see a league with this car.
Really good, if you fix the sound you'll have a real winner on your hands!
great work my friend, thank you!!!