Audi TT Cup 2016 1.4

Season 2016 with DLC Ready to Race

  1. ClaudioWRC74

    Welcome to the AUDI TT CUP Championship 2016
    Real calendar - real circuits - real drivers

    by ClaudioWRC74
    YouTube :
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    With the release of the new dlc "Ready to Race" I wanted to use the Audi TT Cup in a championship following the calendar of 2016 with the official drivers of this season.

    To install this mod :
    Please copy the - series_audi_tt_cup_2016 - in your folder :
    ex : C:\...\Steam\steamapps\common\assettocorsa\content\career

    To use this career mod you need to download on Steam Shop :
    1 - cars from the DLC Ready to Race (ks_audi_tt_cup)


    2 - You need tracks :
    All instructions and links to download the tracks are in the .txt file "readme installation".

    Race Calendar : (tracks not included) 7 week-ends

    1. Hockenheim Germany 2 races
    2. Nurburgring 2 races
    3. Norisring Germany 2 races
    4. Zandvoort Netherlands 2 races
    5. Nürburgring Germany 2 races
    6. Hungaroring Hungary 2 race
    7. Hockenheim Germany 2 races finale


    Opponents : 16
    Race Weekends : 14
    Practice : 20 min -----> you can change in the event.ini file
    Qualifying : 15 min -----> you can change in the event.ini file
    Race : 20 min -----> you can change in the event.ini file
    Track grip : green -----> you can change in the event.ini file

    Thank you to let me know of any problem on version 1.3

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Recent Reviews

  1. emperor312
    Version: 1.3
    merci pour le boulot. tu creer vec quoi tes carriere? merci d'avance
    1. ClaudioWRC74
      Author's Response
      bonjour, avec un fichier carrière du jeu que j'ai modifié pour avoir une base de travail, j'ai simplifié et personnalisé après il existe un petit utilitaire mais il me fait buger mon jeu et mes autres mods carrière, même ceux d'origine du jeu ...
  2. KubikOssi
    Version: 1.1
    your download-link for norisring is false, it's for the game stock car extreme, not for assetto corsa.
    you say in readme, hungaroring is already in the game, so why i don't have this track in the game?. so it's not possible to play this career.
    1. ClaudioWRC74
      Author's Response
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