Audi Sport Team Joest 2015

Audi Sport Team Joest 2015 1.3

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Latest updates

  1. Audi Sport Team Joest 2015

    -New tires made by OPMP -New Previews
  2. Audi Sport Team Joest 2015

    -Fixed fender numbers
  3. Audi Sport Team Joest 2015

    -Added missing FIA logo on cars #7,8 and 9 -Removed class stickers on car #1 -Updated json files

Latest reviews

Beautiful crafted liveries for such awesome LMP mod, thanks mate.
great job, you forgot to change the numbers on the fenders though :^)
will be fixed in a while thanks for the heads up
Beautiful work... Thanks!
Great job, thanks
Great job, thank you!
Just awesome. Thank you. I make for your amazing work a small video.
nice video dude, im glad you liked the livery
Awesome Dude!!!
Awesome skin pack. Thank you.

More please, especially for the LMP2 in the pack.
i would need some reference pics cant find many
Wow cool skins pack , thanks mate ! :)
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