Audi Sport F1 RS - Formula Hybrid v1.3

Complete Audi Sport F1 RS Team Package

  1. ClimaxF1
    Hi Guys

    Here we have my latest design with the Audi F1 Sport.

    Hope you guys like, have fun :)

    Audi_Sport_F1_4.jpg Audi_Sport_F1_1.jpg Audi_Sport_F1_2.jpg

    *4K uncompressed high quality skin*

    Default tire
    is the Michelin with the white stripe. To change the tire's, select the tire you like in the optional content folder and paste that together with it's preview pic into the skins folder.


    • Always backup!
    • Download zip file
    • Open zip file
    • Unpack and copy / paste/install

    For more ClimaxF1 Liveries/Skins, Steering wheels, Team Garages & Fantasy please browse my downloads section here:

    Thanks for all the support guys and this great racing community! So many good people online


    1. Audi_Sport_F1_7.jpg
    2. Audi_Sport_F1_6.jpg

Recent Reviews

  1. Hotty
    Version: v1.3
    Wounderful Work,thank you
    1. ClimaxF1
      Author's Response
      A bit of AUDI love with this one, appreciate the review!
  2. Henky SA
    Henky SA
    Version: v1.0
    cracking job.
    my only attention is the stripes on the tire sidewalls. which doesn't fit on the Michelin tires. otherwise. not really much to say.
    1. ClimaxF1
      Author's Response
      Much appreciated. and thanks for the review!

      My original design was without the stripes and I didn't like it. I like the tire design but am busy with an update were I will include optional tire's.
  3. dreamer al
    dreamer al
    Version: v1.0
    Thank you for another great skin. Your consistency is superb.
    1. ClimaxF1
      Author's Response
      Always a pleasure and thank you for the review!
  4. MustartMatters
    Version: v1.0
    Looks good!
    1. ClimaxF1
      Author's Response
      Thank you and appreciate the review!
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