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Audi S1 | 1986 | Group B

Audi S1 | 1986 | Group B 1.3

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Truly magnificent. Good Job and overall great effort!
Super schön :) Danke.
Outstanding & Thank You for installation directions - so many "Das Hammers"
WOW Great job! Thank you!
looks so good
such a talent !! thx a lot.
Thank you!
perfect ; national Flagg , Name , Blood group ; from the driver door (driver , co driver) from the co driver door ( co driver , driver ) , the order of the names was important , because in the event of a rescue, the blood groups must comply with the seating arrangements
Thank you for the explanation and for the review!
Still a beauty! Thanks!
To make a skin like this needs a lot of time and effort, fantastic! Thank you!
Wow der beste Audi überhaupt! geiles Teil
1986 I was 13 years old , in this car was sitting Christian Geistdörfer (co pilot) Walter Röhrl (pilot) ; the labeling on the door was 1. Ch. Geistdörfer ; 2. W. Röhrl ; on the skin its vice versa , but good job anyway
Thank you for the feedback. I made an update. And what i found out was, that in monte carlo the names were different at each side. Hope you enjoy the new version.
WoW!!! geiles Teil! :-)
Walter is a legend!
nice thx ;-)