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Audi R8 LMS Ultra 24Hr 2015 Skin 1.0a

Audi R8 LMS Ultra 24Hr 2015 Skin

  1. maxx2504
    Hi !
    This is my first Skin for Project Car. The skin is similar to the Audi R8 LMS Ultra 2015 from the 24 hour race on the Nurburgring. Some stickers are maybe not in the right place and the silver is more chrome. All stickers are selfmade except the company logos. The last pic is the real car.

    Readme included !
    Have fun and nice driving !

    Greetings from germany



    1. 2015-05-19_00012.jpg
    2. 2015-05-19_00008.jpg
    3. 2015-05-19_00011.jpg
    4. 2015-05-19_00010.jpg
    5. 2048_N24h-2015_I_2_1192.jpg

Recent Reviews

  1. Paul Middleton
    Paul Middleton
    Version: 1.0a
    stunning skin well done
  2. Austin *HD*
    Austin *HD*
    Version: 1.0a
    hey man you made a little Mistake with the driver names in this design the drivers were P.Kaffer (GER) N.Thim(Dänmark) LVantoor (BELGIUM) and C.Jöns (GER) maybe you can change this
  3. Thomas Wiesel
    Thomas Wiesel
    Version: 1.0a
    Great, thanks!
  4. Rudy Pessotto
    Rudy Pessotto
    Version: 1.0a
    greats work ,thanks man.
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