Audi R8 LMS - Falkenberg '12 - #03 and #81

Audi R8 LMS - Falkenberg '12 - #03 and #81 2.2.1

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Two skins with 03 basic and 81 Blancpain.

v.2.2 update:
-Changed the tyres to look like real ones. Black Michelin logos on them now..
-Matte paint and ambient occlusion added.
-Other minor improvements.

v.2.1 update:
-Edit ui_skin.json file and tested for ROWE GT pack. Works with both r8_lms mod and rowe_gt mod.

v.2.0 update:
- #81 Blancpain edition added
- Minor improvements on #03





Screenshot_audi_r8_lms_ks_nordschleife_24-3-115-7-57-13.jpg Showroom_audi_r8_lms_6-3-2015-17-37-44.jpg Showroom_audi_r8_lms_6-3-2015-17-38-2.jpg

Latest updates

  1. Adjustment

    -DHL logo on the upper side of right headlight adjusted.
  2. Tyres, Occlusion, Paint

    -Changed the tyres to look like real ones. Black Michelin logos on them now. -Matte paint and...
  3. Optimized

    -Edit "ui_skin.json" file and tested for both "rowe_gt_audi" and "audi_r8_lms" mods.

Latest reviews

great skins thx!
when i drive these skins with the r8 (r8 link here on your page) the skins show lila in the ingame
Thanks for the review. Someone had the same problem (view discussion board) so I adviced him some solutions. I don't know if they worked but I download and test the file I uploaded and it works without any problem. Not sure if it effects but try deleting all the files in skin folder except jpg, png and main body-windows .dds files. Hope it works.. If not, please return to discussion board and we'll try to solve it..
Great skin Erg...thank you!

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