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Audi R8 LMS 2015 by AGU Modding 0.8.1

Car Mod

  1. acd export failed

    we are sorry. something went wrong while exporting the data.acd
    fixed now
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  2. RC 1


    - Added endurance lights (paintable, with template inside)
    - Added paintable grill (template inside)
    - Added door animation
    - Added seatbelts
    - Added AO Maps for the interior
    - Closed gap in the dashboard
    - Reworked alcantara and carbon texture (interior)
    - Tweaked physics at some parts
    - Added Bodyshadow
    - Added final SOUND! (Fonsecker)
    - Remapped some parts for painting
    - Reworked lots of shaders
    and lots more...