Audi R8 GT4 Phoenix Racing VLN 2017

Audi R8 GT4 Phoenix Racing VLN 2017 1.1

No permission to download
Looks great, but one question: Where do you get the GT4 Guerilla Mod from?
Guerilla FB page?
One of the best skinners out there and a good Pal ! Again amazing work
Even better with the new rims. Thanks ;-)
Thank You very much for sharing!
hi, beautiful skins indeed!
What is the the difference/impact from using 4k instead of 2k? Should i use the 2k for racing and 4k for pics?
Depending on your system. 4k is 4096x4096 pixel and 2k 2048x2048. 4k is more consuming for your system. but if you have a good PC it should be no Problem. But it depends on online/offline or how much cars that you run on the track too.
You´re doing a great job! Keep the VLN-skins coming! :)
please do some more vln skins :)
atm i work on a skin for the WS Racing Audi R8 GT3 ultra. But the skin will need time.
nice , thanks !!
Beautiful skin and good to see some Audi skins for the grid.