Aston Martin Racing 1.0

A Sean Bull inspired design for Manor

  1. Moectopus
    (By Moectopus - Sean Bull Inspired)
    [GER] Sebastian Kristen (94)
    [MNC] Charles Leclerc (88)
    Replacement for Manor Racing MRT

    Hey everybody!
    I'm so glad to finally fixed that Ego Issue on my PC after felt decates and this is why I kinda start new with modding F1 2016 and this time I was so excited about the Idea that Aston Martin could come into the Formula 1, because it's one of my favourite car brands (after McLaren but yeah ... don't bully me pls) and the great design by Sean Bull, together with the ending Multiplayer Championship of my friends and me inspired me to replace Manor with that Team (I liked Manor pretty much, but it just seemed realistic to me ... kinda).
    There will be much more in the close future:

    + Driver Suits
    + Crewsuits
    + Pitcrew Design
    + Pit Design
    + Careerhub Design
    + Caps
    + Helmets
    + etc.
    More pics:

    For more Questions feel free to take my time and if you are interessted in a special project by friends of mine from the UK feel free to contact me!

    Ov Fire And The Void,

Recent Reviews

  1. TheBlessed44
    Version: 1.0
    bugs everywhere and looks terrible
  2. G2_70
    Version: 1.0
    Look nice. Maybe try to put the wheels rims black
    1. Moectopus
      Author's Response
      That's actually a good Idea, thanks!
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