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AssettoByNight 2.1

Weather suite for the night cycle

  1. fabrizio piedepesante
    Assetto By Night is a weather package covering the night timeframe, from sunset to sunrise. Each weather setup has its asphalt temperature parameters and comes with a dedicated filter (PPF) who ensures that proper lighting, exposure, colortemp and other effects are applied along with tweaking of headlights and DoF to secure a credible, immersive and appealing experience.

    CM_DYNAMIC LIGHT EDITION (only for CM users using dynamic Light add-on)
    DuskToDusk, scenario starting at sunset and ending at sunrise with fading stars

    DarkIsTheNight, like DuskToDusk, but the sky at nitght is a bit darker
    Moony, scenario starting at sunset and ending at sunrise with Moon and fading stars

    HazyMoon, scenario starting at sunset and ending at sunrise with Moon, clouds and a bit of haze

    Legacy Edition
    - SunSet; a dawn with warm colours and few clouds on the horizon;
    - EveningEve; takes place just after the sunset with the sky blending from blue to orange, few clouds and some vanishing star;
    - MoonRise; takes place when the evening blends into the night with a rising Moon and few clouds and stars;
    Moonlight; takes place at deep night (12pm - 1 am) with a strong Moon (not visible, since it is placed at the zenit) projecting a fair amount of light (in the cold spectrum), stars and few clouds at high altitude;
    MoonGaze; it is half way between MoonRise and Moonlight, and not only beacuse of the position of the moon which is placed roughly 45° on the horizon;
    - CityByNight; similar to Moonlight, but the night is not as deep as in the Moonlight scenery, the light is slighlty warmer and the clouds are at lower altitude;
    - F1ByNight; a variation of CityByNight optimized for Formula cars
    Sunrise Clean; takes place very early in the morning , the light is neutral and the colour of the sky blends from light blue to orange at the horizon;
    - Sunrise Misty ; takes place very early in the morning with few slowly moving clouds and a mild haze covering a cold sun and nicely blending into the environment;

    In the archive (.rar) you will two main folders
    - CM_DYNAMICLIGHT EDITION, containing scenarios requiring CM and Dynamic Light add-on
    - LEGACY EDITION, contating weathers for both CM and AC launcher users. Here you'll find
    three subfolders which correspond to three peformance profiles (QUALITY/BALANCE/PERFORMANCE):
    - if you have a mid-low end PC, or you are in VR, I recommend you to start with BALANCE profile-folder
    - if you have a mid-high end PC (such as mine) or you are in VR with and high-end PC (1080 in SLI or equivalent), you should choose QUALITY profile-folder
    Then if you have performance issues, scale down, otherwise you may want to scale up.

    Each Profile-Folder splits in two subfolder respectively for installation on system with standard Assetto Corsa launcher (AC Launcher) or Content Manager launcher (CM Launcher).


    Dowload the archive, and then extract the content on your PC.
    - drop the content of "CM_DL_EDITION/weather/" in the weather directory of Assetto Corsa (and overwrite if required)

    If using the LEGACY EDITION:
    choose the folder associated to the profile-folder (Quality/Balance/Performance) that fits best your PC, then:

    If YOU HAVE Content Manager:
    - copy the content of "CM_Launcher" folder into the "/assettocorsa/content/weather" directory of Assetto Corsa, and overwrtite. That's it.
    If DO NOT HAVE have Content Manager:
    -copy the content "AC_Launcher" folder into the "/assettocorsa/" root directory and overwrite. That's it.

    Select the weather profile, then select the time acceleration of your choice, and run. No there is no need to choose any time. The present scenarios will always start at sunset.
    Why choosing the time multipliers? Read update 13:

    If YOU HAVE Content Manager:
    - select the weather of choice from the drop-down menu
    - esnure that the proper time of day (actually night) is selected
    - 18.00 for SunSet/EveningEve/Moonrise
    - 15:00 - 17.00 for MoonGaze
    - 11:00 -14.00 for MoonLight/CityByNight/F1ByNight (seems weird but 12 means 12pm in this case)
    - h8.00 for Sunrise (clean and misty)
    That's it, the CM_weather function of CM Launcher will automatically apply the right PPF filter (it will appear as "_CM_weather" PPF).

    If YOU DO NOT HAVE Content Manager:
    - select the weather of choice from the AC slider menu
    - esnure that the proper time of day (actually night) is selected
    - 18.00 for SunSet/EveningEve/Moonrise
    - 15:00 - 17.00 for MoonGaze
    - 11:00 -14.00 for MoonLight/CityByNight/F1ByNight (seems weird but 12 means 12pm in this case)
    - h8.00 for Sunrise (clean and misty)
    Launch the race and before driving, select the dedicated PPF filter
    - Moonrise PPF for Moonrise weather
    - CityByNight PPF for CityByNight weather
    - F1ByNight PPF for F1ByNight weather
    - MoonLight PPF for MoonLight weather
    - Sunrise PPF for both the Clean and Misty Sunrise weathers
    That's it.

    Hope you will enjoy.
    In case of problems, send me a message.


    What happens if I set a different time of day from the one suggested by the weather?
    The mod will work, obviosuly, but the position of the Sun/Moon will change leading to visual inconsistences (in the best case) or just look bad.
    What's the difference in using the mod with the AC launcher and the CM launcher?

    The best choice is CM; if you use the standard Assetto Corsa (AC) launcher you will need to manually select the PP filter and also you will not have stars in the sky. Also (but I've not tested it) you may have slightly worse performances in some sceneries, since with CM you will use the provided lightweight version of clouds.
    Does this mod impact performances?
    I did my best to optimize the mod. I experienced 0% perfomance drop compared to the vanilla game. In any case you have 3 options in terms of performance/quality settings. That being said, beware that some tracks (such as Daytona, Road Atlanta) are heavier than others and even the car you choose matters. So, if you feel the mod impacted the performances, ensure you are comparing apples with apples. Most likely it is not the mod, but the combination of track/car.
    Is it safe to install?
    100% safe. It does not interfere neither with the vanilla weathers or the GoodAndBad weathers.
    How do I uninstall the mod?
    Simply remove the directories/files you copied during the installation.
    Can I install only a subset of the weathers?
    Of course, they are mutually indipendent.
    Why deleting previous release weather folders before upgrading?
    The mod now includes some folder textures (which embed stars and are optimized for performance and visual appeal): if you install a new release without removing the previous weather folders, some of the old textures will remain there, leading to a non ideal visual result and most likely to worse performances. Note for those using AC_Launcher: there is no need to delete the PP filters files, they will be overwrittten.

Recent Reviews

  1. spo.onge
    Version: 2.1
  2. Qxxik
    Version: 2.1
  3. Schreddsen
    Version: 2.1
    no CM no dynamic lights = deinstall.
  4. JamesWyatt
    Version: 2.1
    won't launch with the ppf installed have to remove them to work.
  5. Danny Wilde
    Danny Wilde
    Version: 2.1
    Great work fantastic thx
  6. rvieira
    Version: 2.1
    Congrats for your nice work!
  7. Paul Murphy
    Paul Murphy
    Version: 2.1
    Great effort, but how DO I see headlight projections? I didn't see anything in the Filter file.. So you know, I was using an AC Legends Matra car at Aosta with the F1byNight filter set to 12:00.
  8. RC36
    Version: 2.1
    great mod thank you.
  9. Isolator
    Version: 2.1
    Awesome atmosphere with this nighweathers.
  10. correca
    Version: 2.1
    Incredible driving experience at night. Thank you for this mod.
  11. CapitanulHaos
    Version: 2.1
  12. Kim_Jong_Illest
    Version: 2.1
    great mod so far, but what is the dynamic lights option and how do I install it without overriding what i have installed from the performance folder
  13. Speedster0223
    Version: 2.1

    It took me a while to figure out make headlights. But once it's working it's amazing.

    5 Stars

  14. Nclsbrn89
    Version: 2.1
    Great job
    Beautiful render
    I have a problem about reflexion light on the floor...it don't appear and I don't know why.
    Cm full (paid version)
    Assetto by night
    Patch shader dynamics 0.1.22 (but same with older version)
    Any idea pleeeeassssse
  15. mathdels
    Version: 2.1
    Awesome dude, I love It
  16. robpro24
    Version: 2.1
    Good, but I have no light reflection on the track. How work this?
  17. ATSSHD
    Version: 2.0
    Must have mod!
  18. cvivenzo
    Version: 2.0
    Great Mod, thanks you.
    Only one question: may I install both Cm and legacy edition?
    1. fabrizio piedepesante
      Author's Response
      Yes of course
  19. Rex Racer 65
    Rex Racer 65
    Version: 2.0
    Wow, double Wow! Dynamic Lights + this mod...who needs ACC?
  20. SupernovaGR
    Version: 2.0
    Amazing mod, that alongst the dynamic lights one, gives a new life to the somewhat rusty assetto corsa.
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