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Assetto_Corsa_Mortal's FX (PostFX Filter) 1.2

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Assetto Corsa Mortal's FX MOD

Update 1.2

-Fixed artifacts for sun preset
-Fixed lens flare issues
-Added a new realist V2 preset
-Adjusted crepuscule rays
-Adjusted bloom

Updated 1.1

Eliminating sweetfx
Add two versions "Normal" for sweetfx(include a preset) and link for download sweetfx in installation section.
And Alternative version without needs a sweetfx, add sharpen with internal post process.



1. Features
2. Installation
3. Credits



Assetto Corsa Mortal's FX Filters:

- Include:
- Mortal's_FX_Sun Filter
- Mortal's_FX_Realist Filter
- Mortal's_FX_Dynamic Filter

- Features:
-Personal Post Process filters
-Better ilumination
-God rays tweaked
-Lens flare
-Anamorphic lens
-Sharpen with sweetfx for normal version, or alternative for internal sharpen post process
-Bloom tweaks
-Dof tweaks

- ...



1: Select a version,

"Normal with sharpen preset sweetfx"(include sweetfx preset only) this version needs a download before of sweetfx for the sharpen preset working.
Download sweetfx here

or Alternative version

"Alternative with sharpen without sweetfx"
This version not need the sweetfx

For install:

Extract the files from assettocorsa folder inside of the version selected in /common/assettocorsa



Realist Filter

Dynamic Filter

Sun Filter

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Latest updates

  1. Update 1.2

    Update 1.2 -Fixed artifacts for sun preset -Fixed lens flare issues -Added a new realist V2...
  2. Update 1.1

    Update deleting sweetfx for no compatibility issues etc And add two versions: Add "Normal" for...

Latest reviews

This sun filter, what I was looking for. Thank you.
Well done I am using the version with SweetFX and everything looks stunning
Well done on the latest update, Alternative and Realistic2 is the best settings ive seen for AC. Thank you for your hard work mate
i all ready have sweet fx installed, will it clash with this mod?
Need to test this. Thanks for share. And do You use sweet fx or something??
great job