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Assetto4Seasons 2.2.1

Assetto Four Seasons, a weather engine

  1. Small update

    fabrizio piedepesante
    Uploading small update.
    In the rush in 2.2.0 I messed up 2 line of codes of the new feature (season/region dependent sun trajectory)
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  2. BUG FIXES + Other improvements

    fabrizio piedepesante
    Should you update? Yes.
    I'm aware that 2.1 was uploaded just three days ago, but there is a reason why I'm pushing this update in advance to the usual schedule (weekend). This release fixes two big bugs happening at deep night (you may have encountered already or maybe not, but they are there in 2.1) and also significantly improves some night scenarios involving the moon which should appear in these days depending on the season (if you do not see a moon but you see a brighter sky/clouds,...
  3. Smoke and other stuff

    fabrizio piedepesante
    Support for smoke and improved water effects
    2) New region
    3) Redesign of dawn scenario
    4) Fixed a lighhting issue at evening when hazy
    5) Fixed an issue that lead to improper lighting under some particular circumstances
    6) Added few performace tweaks (option at code level)
    7) Other things
    1) Now the mod supports both smoke and water; you'll have the standard smoke when it is dry...
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  4. Championship Edition

    fabrizio piedepesante
    It is quite a long changelog. I recommend you to read it all.
    Main change: support for Custom Championships; now you can you use Assetto 4 Season also in custom championships (below more details and instructions for use).
    Visual Improvements:
    - much better moon and improvement of hazy nights sceanarios with moon.
    - rework of summer/spring clean dawn scenarios
    Functional improvements:
    - finetuning of temperature coefficient (relation between air temp and road...
  5. Bugfix

    fabrizio piedepesante
    Sorry guys, in release 1.0.0 I messed up a few lines of code.
    As a result, the sky at early evening (and at some extent at late night) was far from the way it was supposed to look like.
    Also, in Summer, you could have got the Sun at night. Sorry.
    Now it should be OK.
  6. Release 1.0

    fabrizio piedepesante
    Rework of all day scenario; all day scenarios have been reworked; now they look appealing and credible across all seasons and climatic conditions and with color temperature settings to reflect the lighting carhacteristics of the seasons/regions.
    New heat shimmering; new filter for heat shimmering coming in two flavours depending on temperature.
    Improvement of weather engine:
    - New climatic zone
    ; new region comprising the tracks at very high latitude (Scotland,...
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  7. Massive Update Edition

    fabrizio piedepesante
    It's been quite a busy week. This release is a significant upgrade, focussing on the improvement/enrichement of night scenarios, the upgrade of the weather simulator plus some new features. Next release (likely 1.0.0) will address the daylight and other improvements.
    Before installing the new version I suggest you to backup the previous release (to be on the safe side) and then delete it.

    It is quite a long extensive changelog, I recommend reading it entirely to get the most out of the...
  8. 4 Seasons release

    fabrizio piedepesante
    Added Winter and Summer seasons.

    New version of heavy foggy night.

    Fixes Sun/Moon position at Moonset and Sunset in some seasons.

    Next week release will focus on headlights tweaks and some diffuse light adjustments in some scenarios.
  9. Autumn Season + New Night Scenario + Bugfixing

    fabrizio piedepesante
    Solved a problem (typo+commented code) that prevented most of weather conditions from happening.
    New scenario
    Added the Moonless night; now, when the sky is clear, you have 50% chance of getting the sky without the moon. In the moonless scenario the stars have never been brighter. Still in doubt is adding a cloudy moonless sky.
    New Season
    Added the Autumn season.
    Minor adjustement to headlights (I plan to make more adjustements later on)....
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