Assetto replays sorter 1

Assetto replays sorter

  1. James Callahan
    I like watching replays so because of the weird system Assetto uses to sort their replays I made a little app to sort them, first I wanted to do it by date, but I extended it to other kinds of sorting elements (replays can be sorted by date, track, car or session type). And I thought why not share it, maybe someone would use it. I did it in Windows 10, it can work in previous versions. Just extract the exe file to a folder with writing access.

    The app only replaces the file names, there is an option to backup the current names and restore them, it checks the datetimes of the files to achieve the restoration. But if you have time and space, maybe is advisable to make a backup of the replays, but I can assure you nothing else is touched. The files must be in the same folder, and, and this is the main requirement, filenames must have the structure that Assetto uses to save them, untouched. The app replaces file names, but only the part of date and time, the other information is preserved to achieve the sorting.

    If there is some option or some other app that does it, nah just more fool me. And it will be useful until assetto men decide to change their system, thing that you know my close friend Murphy tells me maybe soon.


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