Assetto Corsa Wet Mod by A.Fracasso

Assetto Corsa Wet Mod by A.Fracasso 2.0

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Wet Mod 2.0 - Night and Daylight edition

- New settings, native compatibility with Shaders Patch & Dynamic Lights, enhanced realism in night and daylight conditions
- Double layered wet tarmac texture, with differenced reflections for a deeper and more detailed wet ashpalt.
- Shadows fix
- Mugello Track
- Not compatbile anymore with @Blamer 's app BLM Lights, will be fixed soon

What 's included
Included wet variation of 11 Kunos fully multiplayer usable tracks mostly with 32 pits (see pictures below) , wet particles, custom physics tested out to give a nice feedback to the wheel and add immersion, plus 7 custom standard weathers with the purposely revamped “Mid Clouds” and “Heavy Clouds” (the rest from Natural Mod). 2 Custom Made PPFilters.

Tarmac adjustments
Adjusted settings to make the most of daylights reflections, added another layer of wet stripes to make use of an alternate lucid/matte reflections

Dynamic Lights compatibility
The 2nd wet texture layer is designed especially to enhance the graphics in lowlight conditions such as dark reflexes or at night with lights on.

Custom PPFilters

A FPS-friendly PPfilter to use with standard weathers and in conjunction with "Moony" weather from Assettobynight by @fabrizio piedepesante

Visual lights reflection customization
If you'd like a little bit more reflection with car's lights on (in ex: heavy clouds or night weathers) you could do so editing the lighting_fx.ini in extension/config touching the parameter SPECULAR_MULT, (or via Content Manager in Shaders Patch Settings -> Trakcs Specular Multiplier). Right now I'm using 1.35 (135% in CM). You can also edit the per track value in extension/config/tracks (I did it for the Nords). For now do not use BLM Lights app with "Wet" effect on or you'll brake the wetness.


1- Via JGSM.exe, simply unrar the archive in the main AC folder (steamapps/common/assettocorsa/) then open JGSM.exe, select Wet Mod e press the right arrow to activate it. Remember to deactivate it before upgrading the mod to newer versions.

2- Remember to enable reflexes in the graphics settings at least with minimum refresh rate (static looks meh) and with medium reflection detail at least. Use Natural Mod or AC_Wet_Mod as post processing filter to harvest a little extra fps and looks.

3- Enable Smoke Generation if you want the car to spray water.

4-In game turn the dirt sound to 2 or 3.

5-If you'd like a little bit more reflection with car's lights on (in ex: heavy clouds or night weathers) you could do so editing the lighting_fx.ini in extension/config touching the parameter SPECULAR_MUT, (or via Content Manager in Shaders Patch Settings -> Trakcs Specular Multiplier). You can also edit the per track value in extension/config/tracks (I did it for the Nords).

Known Issues
– Find your correct graphics settings to run the mod: you’ll have to own a decent rig to run a full grid of cars with this mod on so experiment yourself.
– FWD grip really is an understeery nightmare. The mod has been designed for RWD cars.
– You might want to adjust the FFB levels in game in the Wet Tracks with + on the numpad to gain the lost torque.
– If you find the AI to be too strong try editing the ai_hints.ini in the data folder of the given track and lowering the values :

VALUE=0.71 (lower/higher value for weaker/stronger AI)

– Seek Help

The mod is, and always will be, free. If you feel like buying me a coffee, please donate here.
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Latest updates

  1. Night and Daylight edition

    Probably the last major update to this wet mod (reaching the 500 MB filesize limit) featuring...
  2. Laguna Seca Addition

    Version 1.7 comes with Laguna Seca wet, a track famous for its high annual precipitation rate ;)...

Latest reviews

Real nice addition to allow a selection of tracks to get wet surface visual and physics.
Nice work, thanks very much , works well with track season mods by deem.
I especially like night wet racing (when you do as suggested at modify SPECULAR_MULT (gives a nice headlight shine on the tracks in low light)
SO far tested mugello and monza circuits with great results

RE Content manager settings, with Custom Shaders Patch:

I did some experimentation with smoke generation and found it's best not to enable the Custom Shaders Patch "new smoke and dust" effects (settings->Custom Shader Patch->Particles FX) or you get a dusty look to the water spray effects. You do however want to have "smoke generation" active (settings->Assetto Corsa->video) which give a more water like spray effect. (which I think some ppl have mentioned in the reviews (instead of as a support discussion topic :-( Anyway thats my preference.

So works fine for me with current shaders patch (but did take some messing around to work out the problem, CM just has too many things to tick/untick :-)
Here is a quick video it in action on Monza circuit(posted same day as this review)

Again thanks for updating these specific tracks for us , very cool, well done.
thanks for the review ;) I also suggest deactivating "add reflections to road" and "add extra reflection to road" in the Track Adjustments panel in Custom Shaders Patch
Amazing, the only problem is that, its no longer compatible with the shaders patch
Its good but with the new shaders patch you will spray dust and grass, not water
Hey this mod is gorgeus
but why my water spray looks like dirt dust?
Put off downloading this but finally did it and glad i did, really nice addition and simply as anything to install. The change in surface works well enough to be believable for me at least. Really good.... Also i feel you are selling yourself short by saying FWD cars are a nightmare with it, having driven on track both race FWD and FWD road cars in all conditions i can tell you the FWD cars on these wet tracks are very believable also and i think you should be proud of that and frankly for me all feels and works as i expect FWD cars on wet tracks....
Gran Muchas Gracias =)
Looks and drives amazing! Please do for Vallelunga and Magione too! Also for Highlands if you can. I only need the track itself, none of the other add-ons, since I use Sol. Thank you!
Excellent work and really essential to add realism to the rain in Sol mod. Thank you.
Thanks for the great work!
Fracasso for President
Does this wet mod olso work on custom mod tracks? I see a wet track option only on ac stock tracks.Thnx
Thanks a lot for your mod, it looks amazing, but I have a problem activating it. I have Sol and Deems Seasonal packs installed and I don't know how to properly wet the tracks using ContentManager. Any help? ThX!
Nice looking mod but why the huge frame loss?
This is superb thanks
Bug "Error Access to the path is denied.More information in Main Log.log " my first version i cant play in game
Here, I have a little worry about textures tracks at Spa.
Here is the texture of the tarmac I have by default.
A bad mix with light snow on tarmac... this happen only with wet mod ?

Thx so much! :thumbsup:
nice mod :)
Great work fantastic thx
Fantastic mod. Absolutely stunning in combination with Sol and the shaders light patch. Thank you!!!
Excellent! The immersion is great! Is this mod meant to add the raindrops and wiper functions or is that another mod? Thank you!
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