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Assetto Corsa Showroom Launcher 0.1

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You have saved me sooo much time! Many thanks!
Love it. Especially that it doesn't trigger Steam saying that you're playing the game, so as not to have friends annoyed with the popup. And it's so much easier to paint and check for flaws. Top job.
perfect. this makes the work very easy :)
great mate
Great little tool, thanks a lot ;)
Great work :D
This is awesome! What a great program for make some skins!
Great little tool! Exactly what I was missing...
Very good idea, thank's.
This makes my life easier! Thanks a bunch!
Super! Thanks a ton!
Absolutely brilliant, makes things a lot easier when creating skins. 10 stars.
Amazing, helps a lot when making liveries, great idea
Not very useful, because already given by the game itself. Just run the showroom.exe in your AC folder ;)
The problem is: You can't choose the car/whatever without run the game. That's the reason for this launcher ;)
Very usefull program!
thanks. save us a time for checking the cars.
Works without any problems and saves lot of time, thanks :)
Looks great, trying it out in a few minutes!! Thanks
work great for me! thx