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Assetto Corsa Car Tuner 1.52

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New in update:
  • Tunes no longer replace the stock car. Tunes will now be a selectable upgrade in-game. newinstall.PNG
  • However this means that every time you make a new tune you will have to go to "general settings" and click "clear car preview cache" for them to appear in-game, or simply restart the game (just use "clear car preview cache" it is must faster).
  • UI has been slightly updated, you no longer have to click install tune or save tune, only click apply if you have made any changes in "Basic Tuning", "Advanced Tuning" still saves automatically.
  • You should now be able to create tunes of modded cars who have a data folder and not a data.acd file.
  • Many have reported that in some cases Engine Swaps do not give the car more power. Try turning off traction control and report back.
Porsche Boxster S with Porsche GT3 RS Engine:
Video by Kajot2111

If you make a cool video using a tune made with this tool, send it to me and I'll put it up here.
Assetto Corsa Car Tuner:
This program allows you to tune any car in the game. You can do so with either "Basic Tuning" or "Advanced Tuning". Basic Tuning let's you modify preselected data like torque, turbo's, wheel drive and more! Advanced Tuning is for the more experienced tuner, and let's you mess around with the data files. Once you have made your changes, click save tune (If you used Basic Tuning click "Apply" first), then install tune to have it available in-game.

The program saves tunes as a seperate car that is selectable as an upgrade in-game, the original car is therefore not changed!

  1. Unpack
  2. Open program by clicking the "Assetto Corsa Car Tuner.exe".
  3. Click "Select Assetto Corsa Folder" and a dialog window will pop up, select your Assetto Corsa install folder, it's usually under Steam/steamapps/common/.
  4. Select the car you wish to tune.
  5. Type a name for your tune in the textbox under "New Tune Name:" and click "Create New Tune". The program will automatically select the tune you just made.
  6. You can now modify the car using either "Basic Tuning" or "Advanced Tuning". When using "Basic Tuning" remember to click "Apply". "Advanced Tuning" let's you access the data files, any edits to these will auto save.
  7. Once you have made your edits simply boot up the game, and when you select the car you tuned, it should let you select upgrades, like so: newinstall.PNG
  8. You can do these changes while having the "Assetto Corsa Launcher" open. However, you will have to go to "general settings" and click "Clear car preview cache" for new tunes to appear. Tunes that already appear as selectable, can be modified, and the new changes should load next time you start a race.
  9. If you have any bugs, report them here :)
The tunes that you make do not work online, unless the tune has been installed on that server. Each player will then have to have the same tune installed for it to work.

My program is essentially just an advanced text editor that manages files, and can make quick changes using basic tuning. To unpack the files it uses the program called QuickBMS. For ease of install the quickbms.exe file is included in the zip folder. QuickBMS however is capable of much more, check it out here:

If you have any questions or suggestions feel free to write them in a comment on this post.
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Latest reviews

I have some really strange problems. One: I can't add turbos in the basic menu (dont know if it's by design), the other, more significant: I cant choose some of my cars even tough they are there and drivable. Still nice mod
the download button downloaded an old version the 1.50 ver
please fix i want to use this great app
VERSION 1.50 ?!?
Finally I can make a FWD F1 car
when i press apply it removes the turbo, power and engine mods.
Downloaded it and when I click the exe, nothing happens, I've tried running it in administrator but still noting happens.
This app is essential for a keyboard player.
Very helpful tool
In all honesty, I've had this mod no longer than 5 minutes, and tested everything for bugs. I can quite safely say this is one of the best mods for assetto corsa.
not working at all, 2 months ago still go
1.50 is working fine for me. Although I've had the same copy for years now so I may have a diff. variation of 1.50.
The only Issue I have is with opponent sound online. I have 2 drift cars both with Kunos swaps. one a 2JZ, the other a VR38DETT. the swaps work perfectly, the audio is perfect in cockpit & exterior. however when I use one car and my friend uses the other, we can't hear eachother.
other than that, definitley a top 5 mod for AC.
stopped working please update!
Was good when it was working. It stopped working and keeps getting a (Not Responding Message) downloaded the new 1.52 but it still came up as 1.50 and still didnt work.
when I press download it gives me version 1.50
Great tool for BOPing unBOPable cars!
i think that this program is great but there is something else you could add; a supercharger option
doesnt work
doesnt work with all instructions followed
It's good you can modify some cars
But some of them aren't able to be modified i don't know why
por mucho que intento no me salen ningun vehiculo he hecho lo mismo que en tutorial y siguen sin aparecerme los coches por eso le doy una estrella
Hey man, this is superb! I have bought the ACFL 1994 mod and saw that the engines are all the same, so i took this mod and applied more realistic engine torque curves to every car. Some how i got a problem that 4 of the cars crash the game (race cancelled instantly after loading, Content manager message) and 2 of them dont have a engine sound anymore. Do you know where i have to look to fix these issues?
Even when i just make a new tune and edit nothing it doesnt work on those 4 cars. (they are in a mod pack so i dont understand why 4 cars dont work and its fine with the other 10)
Thank you!!!! Due to this wonderful app, I was able to create a new Jaguar XK120 with working automatic gears as the original car was forever stuck in neutral. Now it has all the properties of its racing cousin and I can drive it again. So happy!
Great tool to play with!

MX5 ND with Acura NSX engine is my best quick try so far. MX5 NA with JZ2 Supra mkIV engine was bit too much :-P
I put a Sauber C9 engine in a 787B.

Awesome mod, i was finally able to made Sauber M1 from DRM turbo version for my private use. Many thanks!
exe. file will not open when unzipped... can anyone offer assistance.
This... Is ****ing beautiful. Enough said.