Assetto Corsa Car Tuner 1.52

Tune and modify original and modded cars, including engine swaps, torque, turbo's and more!

  1. Victor_
    New in update:
    • Tunes no longer replace the stock car. Tunes will now be a selectable upgrade in-game. newinstall.PNG
    • However this means that every time you make a new tune you will have to go to "general settings" and click "clear car preview cache" for them to appear in-game, or simply restart the game (just use "clear car preview cache" it is must faster).
    • UI has been slightly updated, you no longer have to click install tune or save tune, only click apply if you have made any changes in "Basic Tuning", "Advanced Tuning" still saves automatically.
    • You should now be able to create tunes of modded cars who have a data folder and not a data.acd file.
    • Many have reported that in some cases Engine Swaps do not give the car more power. Try turning off traction control and report back.
    Porsche Boxster S with Porsche GT3 RS Engine:

    Video by Kajot2111

    If you make a cool video using a tune made with this tool, send it to me and I'll put it up here.
    Assetto Corsa Car Tuner:
    This program allows you to tune any car in the game. You can do so with either "Basic Tuning" or "Advanced Tuning". Basic Tuning let's you modify preselected data like torque, turbo's, wheel drive and more! Advanced Tuning is for the more experienced tuner, and let's you mess around with the data files. Once you have made your changes, click save tune (If you used Basic Tuning click "Apply" first), then install tune to have it available in-game.

    The program saves tunes as a seperate car that is selectable as an upgrade in-game, the original car is therefore not changed!

    1. Unpack
    2. Open program by clicking the "Assetto Corsa Car Tuner.exe".
    3. Click "Select Assetto Corsa Folder" and a dialog window will pop up, select your Assetto Corsa install folder, it's usually under Steam/steamapps/common/.
    4. Select the car you wish to tune.
    5. Type a name for your tune in the textbox under "New Tune Name:" and click "Create New Tune". The program will automatically select the tune you just made.
    6. You can now modify the car using either "Basic Tuning" or "Advanced Tuning". When using "Basic Tuning" remember to click "Apply". "Advanced Tuning" let's you access the data files, any edits to these will auto save.
    7. Once you have made your edits simply boot up the game, and when you select the car you tuned, it should let you select upgrades, like so: newinstall.PNG
    8. You can do these changes while having the "Assetto Corsa Launcher" open. However, you will have to go to "general settings" and click "Clear car preview cache" for new tunes to appear. Tunes that already appear as selectable, can be modified, and the new changes should load next time you start a race.
    9. If you have any bugs, report them here :)
    The tunes that you make do not work online, unless the tune has been installed on that server. Each player will then have to have the same tune installed for it to work.

    My program is essentially just an advanced text editor that manages files, and can make quick changes using basic tuning. To unpack the files it uses the program called QuickBMS. For ease of install the quickbms.exe file is included in the zip folder. QuickBMS however is capable of much more, check it out here:

    If you have any questions or suggestions feel free to write them in a comment on this post.


    1. advanced.PNG
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Recent Reviews

  1. Mat1
    Version: 1.52
    Awesome!! Take a Lambo Avent SV AWD to about fun...Thanx Vehicle Virgin for the idea
  2. Dushyant
    Version: 1.52
    How to set rpm limit? it wont go beyond ~9k rpm when i swapped f1 engine in a road car
  3. Fujiwara Bunta
    Fujiwara Bunta
    Version: 1.52
    Still using it thanks for this awesome tool!
  4. Riley Phillips
    Riley Phillips
    Version: 1.52
    I've used this for the longest time, I'd seriously recommend having a look at it.
    Awesome mod, keep it up!
  5. ykap1
    Version: 1.52
    It works well! Had some issues with engine swaps and gear ratios, may need to learn how to tinker with final drive. Make sure to follow instructions correctly, create tune and then apply the settings after.
  6. Kim_Jong_Illest
    Version: 1.52
    The app worked great and unlocked unlimited possibilities in assetto corsa, however, it no longer seems to work?
  7. asef
    Version: 1.52
    I pick the folder, as you said, but the program doesnt want to open.
  8. Jack.A.Lope
    Version: 1.52
    This is a useful program, which I have used successfully many times just to get the data.acd open.
  9. enduser282
    Version: 1.52
    Awesome! Must have since ini files are encrypted inside the data file, and u also keep the original settings so u dont overwrite original game files, brilliant.
  10. jdmlover
    Version: 1.52
    Good work dude but unfortunately it doesn't work via assetto corsa app. It works only in Content Manager.
  11. ATSSHD
    Version: 1.52
    Great app! Used multiple times,really useful!
  12. Danny kung
    Danny kung
    Version: 1.52
    Sincere THANKS for your hard work. This is simply a car lovers dream!!!Awsm Only wish some things were much better explained like RWD2 AWD2 and some things about Ui clunky bad scaling, if fixed some,Easy 5stars!
  13. roviet
    Version: 1.52
    very very very very good work!
  14. danijel9999
    Version: 1.52
    i cant choose car or anything everything is empty
  15. magzire
    Version: 1.52
    Damn i love this app! 50% more hp/900kg on the f40 feels amazing, what a blast.
  16. zpeitor
    Version: 1.52
    I select the folder where i have assetto corsa and the mod doesn't recognise it.
  17. meagtw0445
    Version: 1.52
    I am following your way.
    But dynamic dropdown list php no car.
  18. update_73
    Version: 1.52
    Very simple but very effective way to tune AC cars. A must have if you want to modify newer AC mods which have all the things about engine, drivetrain and tyres in only one file. Also a nice tool to fix the sound problem on older mods.
  19. PKingente
    Version: 1.52
    Not working...
    I select my assetto crsa main folder :c/name/programms(x86)/steam/steamapps/common and then Assetto corsa but I cant swap engines!! pls help
  20. JoelFaura
    Version: 1.52
    Excelent, nothing more to say.
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