Assetto Corsa alternative GT3 and GT2 physics

Assetto Corsa alternative GT3 and GT2 physics 0.972

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Hello Simracers,

I am pleased to introduce my idea of the driving experience of the GT2 and GT3 classes.
For a long time, the hotlapping is not that much fun, which I thought was missing some salt in the AC soup.
I do not want to withhold that from you and I'm looking forward to your reactions, but much more to reviews.
I would like to develop it all the way, but I need feedback from you.
Basic values such as grip, power of the engine, the damper or downforce are not adjusted. It's mainly about the FFB and the details that you can pull out of the FFB.

I hope you enjoy it and depending on that, I already have one or the other class in the sights.

Best regards Manuel

Here are the Jsgme (Mod enabler) v2.6.0.157

Please use it, to install the mod, to disabled it every time, if you want drive online.
The 0.971 are ready to JSGME.
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Manuel Staedel
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Latest updates

  1. Installer

    Installer now included.
  2. Here are the New version to use with JSGME

    Now you can easiely activate and deactivate it.

Latest reviews

It feels good, but now cars have so much undesteering, lets see if playing with set up changes something. Jump into kerbs now feels better for me.
Manuel Staedel
Manuel Staedel
No, physics are the same, only the install are better for JSGME.
Vielleicht solltest du mal dein Gehirn einschalten
Manuel Staedel
Manuel Staedel
Im Bezug auf was? Bitte um kurze Rückmeldung, was das Problem ist.
Vielleicht sollte man den Leuten darauf hinweisen das die Original dateien überschrieben. . .
Manuel Staedel
Manuel Staedel
Ohne das wäre die Modifikation nicht möglich. Das kommt aber mit der 0.98, welche ich dann mit dem Modprogramn teste.
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