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ASR 412 T2 data rework 2020-02-28

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The power figure of 715 bhp on the 412 T2 by ASR looked to me a bit off so i went on my 2012 edition of the "Tutto Ferrari" (basically a prancing horse specs database) and i found that the power figure was 690 bhp @ 16.8k rpm.

In addition i brought down the idle rpm at 3000.

Drop the data.acd file in the car's folder
Open CM, go to the car
Change the stats like in the attachment
Click on the 3 vertical dots, then on "recalculate using data & power/torque values
Job done!

let me know and E N J O Y !
  • Annotazione 2020-02-28 141351.jpg
    Annotazione 2020-02-28 141351.jpg
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