Asphalt Roads 2.0

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  1. KmunBienen
    AsphaltRoads 2.0
    Bored of the gravel Roads in the game? Then you need AsphaltRoads 2.0! The addon of making your dirt roads to black, fresh, new asphalt.

    1. Unzip
    2. Open with UnityAssetsExplorer the file "sharedassets3.assets"
    3. Put the two files in the folder "sharedassets3" (If you don't have it, create it)
    4. Serach for "gravel_road"
    5. Replace the file with the file from the new modification.
    6. Done!

    Warning: Using this texure will not affect any game sounds. After an Game update you need to restart this process. This texture won't get updates.

Recent Reviews

  1. volcalex
    Version: 2.0
    Not working, help me !!!!
    1. KmunBienen
      Author's Response
      If it doesn't work, (which probably occured while UAE) firstly move the file to other place, then extract the gravel_road file and replace the dds and Import it. Then it should work.
      Dont forget it to save it.
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