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ARC - Fantasy Skin Pack 1.3

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This is my regurgitated FANTASY ARC skin pack from years ago for AMS.
There are a few double ups in the liveries and now the hard yards are done by converting them all to 4096 textures i probably will start doing some newer ones seeing as these are a fair few years old now.
When the banner is able to be painted I will do a banner.

Unzip the vehicles folder into the root AMS2 folder., normally located as below:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Automobilista 2






Latest updates

  1. Version 1.3

    Changes in version 1.3 are: New preview images generated by myself Tweaked the numberplate New...
  2. ARC - Fantasy Skin Pack Version 1.2

    CHANGES v1.2: Added car preview files created and kindly provided by @DC WOLF , they look really...
  3. ARC - Fantasy Skin Pack Version 1.1

    Updated the regurgitated original Automobilista FANTASY Skin Pack for 2021 Changes in version...

Latest reviews

Wolf WolfZ
Thanks mate, nice work.
Great set (1.3) ! Thanks Rob !!
great skins for these little s##tboxes
amazing job
Looks cool! Thank you!
Great work Rob and Wolf. Really appreciate your efforts
Great Update thanks!!
I loved this cars!
I have been racing with these all morning. The skins are fantastic!! I really hope you do skin packs for other cars. Really awesome job!
Great job,thanks mate !
Great work, many thanks. These little racers are great fun!
Great Work! Thanks!
nicely done, thanks.
Cheers Rob, loving the liveries. Great work.
Many thanks
YES! I've been so keen for these to make their way to AMS2 !! Thanks heaps mate.
Bert Austen
funny pack :) Good work , thanks . Can you make a Jaegermeister livery for the Porsche 911 GT3 ?

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Rob Fitness
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