ARC Camaro - Stix 1

A replacement Skin for #6

  1. Rob Fitness
    I Really like driving these cars so im going to start a skin pack for them. I will not try and replicate the real series, just do ones I think of, some may resemble real cars, but it will just be something a little more than the stock offerings.

    to start things off, this will overwrite #6 of the AMS installed car and add a external window, internals to follow.

    you will still be able to play online with it. and hopefully motivation holding out I will do replacements for all.


Recent Reviews

  1. Fanapryde
    Version: 1
    Cool, just what these cars need ! Looks very nice.
  2. alexSchmurtz
    Version: 1
    Looks awesome, great work Rob! Thanks for sharing. Good to know you might do more of them, I'd be happy to download them for sure.