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Aprilia RSV250 Chesterfield Livery *Update V2* 2

This is a tribute to Max Biaggi's 250 season on the Aprilia RSV250.

  1. KennyBarroz
    Since there are four RED Cagivas and some other red bikes in the Legend grid, i thought about the Chesterfield Aprilia RSV250, i think its bad ass!
    The Cagiva almost has the same look as the Aprilia so i thought it was a perfect option to get some color change at the grid. Hope you all like it!

    So this version is more accurate with a better driver skin and also the bike has gotten the exhaust and other parts updated. Looks more complete now. I just don't know how to create a new custom number for the drivers.

    The Actual Bike

    The Cagiva in its Chesterfield skin
    MotoGP14X64.exe_DX11_20140726_133152.jpg MotoGP14X64.exe_DX11_20140726_133116.jpg MotoGP14X64.exe_DX11_20140726_133326.jpg


    To install, you'll need Mixfile Remixer which is available here:
    The tutorial is in the discussion of the resource.
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