Apex Nürburg BMW M4 Skin 1.0

BMW M4 Apex Nürburg simple skin

  1. dieGulaschkanone
    dfg.JPG Screenshot_ks_bmw_m4_boden_ks_nordschleife_15-2-118-0-3-42.jpg Screenshot_ks_bmw_m4_boden_ks_nordschleife_15-2-118-0-4-51.jpg My quick and dirty made skin for the BMW M4! Proportions aren't perfect, feel free to correct or change anything using the provided .psd !
    I may add the KL-MC 431 numberplate one day, again feel free to do it yourself if you want to :)
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  1. sky04
    Version: 1.0
    I wonder if Misha uses it... :D