Another GreatPsycho's savegame! 2018-01-01

my summer car save file

  1. GreatPsycho
    Hi there!
    Sorry for not being active for a long time, but now i'm back with another save file. And trust me, Satsuma never was this good in any of my saves. :D Sorry for doing a dumb job before, i am still learning, but this savefile should do all the hard work for you!

    So what can you find in this savefile?

    1. Satsuma got completely original paint, no spoilers are installed (some are ordered, though..)
    2. Satsuma got installed these afterparts: Oil mixture gauge (necessary for tuning up the engine), racing radiator (to keep Satsuma cool), headers, carburetor, exhaust and muffler tip, extra gauges
    3. Interior got nice Suomi overall, for the love of Finland guy who made this game, also it was new for me :D
    4. This is the most important part guys! Satsuma got tuned carburetor - find out that 13.2 instead of 14.1 oil mixture value prevents stalling and!!! AND!!! For god sake, it took me so long to understand, that i feel like i need a curtain and fanfare. :D Because dear guys i finally adjusted valve train! Yep, no kidding, this Satsuma is maybe my first Satsuma available to hit 200kmph without adjusting valves from Fleetari.

    Hope you guys will enjoy this, i had lot of fun with this beast. :D So keep your engines warm, beers cold, cigarettes lit up and see you next time!
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Recent Reviews

  1. Fire-HYpe
    Version: 2018-01-01
    Great save game man
    1. GreatPsycho
      Author's Response
      Thanks, working on 100% version of this savegame, without pigman and suitcase done, so all jobs would be available. :)
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