Andrea_gi graphic mod (Updated + MP compatible )

Andrea_gi graphic mod (Updated + MP compatible ) 1.4

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Graphic mod by andrea_gi, hand-picked files by myself and approved by andrea.

IMO andrea's mod is the only one giving me impression like i'm actually on the real track, and not just driving a simulation.

Included just the best PP filters from my extended testing of the mod, i personally only use "AGI_Internal_Low_G5"

Due to multiple requests i've made a multiplayer compatible version as well, that will replace the default 7 weather files.

1. Unpack the "AGI 1.4 + MP" into your main AC folder (steam/steamapps/common/assettocorsa), (Make backup of the original files if you want)
2. Unpack "AGI 1.4 MP", if you want the mod to be online compatible (i have handpicked the best 7 weather files to replace the default ones)
2a. Or unpack "AGI" if you want to have all of the weather files.
3. Put saturation in the game to 100%
4. Enjoy

If you're having trouble loading the tracks, do a Steam integrity check of AC, and then unpack and replace all files again.

My personal best choices are "Light Clouds" (a.k.a. Covered A), "Clear" (a.k.a Clear Summer AGI), "Mid Clear" (a.k.a Cloudy Spring AGI), in combination with "AGI_Internal_Low_G5" filter.

Some image examples:

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Latest updates

  1. Updated plus online compatible

    New pack with the MP compatible files that will replace your original weather files and will be...
  2. New version

    New update compatible with latest AC versions.
  3. FIXED ARCHIVE, sorry

    Archive was damaged, my mistake. Uploaded the fixed archive.

Latest reviews

Still the best filters, any others i try don`t look anything like what their advertising.
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Still the best.
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love the filters, great job.
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Great! Much needed to enjoy Andrea's work at his best.
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It looks stunning but I want to know what the combination that did you use to look like the videos of the Audi quattro and Mazda cup, thanks in advance ;)
Boris Lozac
Boris Lozac
That would be "Covered A" weather and "Low_G5 filter"
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What are the best ingame settings reg. saturation and quality?
Boris Lozac
Boris Lozac
100% saturation is recomended, i will edit that in the description thanks :) And quality, well the one your PC can handle :)
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Good work - thanks! :)
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Not need to backup files here, this is a masterpiece. Really thank you for sharing it. This mod + McS TV Cam Pack made my day.
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The absolute best. Recommend to replace (backup first) Assetto Corsa files and use only these ones, in order no to have them all mixed.
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Andrea really makes some of the best weather files and PP filters out there. There are some real gems in this pack, personally I really like the overcast weathers. Good job Boris for making this available on RD.
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I never liked these customized filters, but yours are really excellent!! great job!
Boris Lozac
Boris Lozac
Thanks, but this is the mod by andrea_gi which i uploaded with his permission, including only the crucial and best files :)
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Sorry but i can't open any ZIP file made by you i don't want to give you one star but i can't try your weather settings.
I use 7zip
Boris Lozac
Boris Lozac
My bad completely, when renaming the file i've put .zip instead of .rar. Sorry and hope you'll enjoy it now :)
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Boris Lozac
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