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AMS_StockCarBrasil2011_v1.0 1.0

2011 StockCarBrasil season

    \*\*\*\ 2011 StockCarBrasil season /*/*/*/

    Hello everyone ... I'm bringing another MOD converted to have fun.

    This MOD is not my. And I did not find the creator to publish in this post.

    I adjusted the paints and left them within AMS standards, but I could not add yet all the tire sound and wear characteristics found in the AMS.

    \*\*\*\ You must have installed the mod (AMS_StockCarBrasil2009_v1.0: http://www.racedepartment.com/threads/ams_stockcarbrasil2009_v1-0.134908/) and then the mod (AMS_StockCarBrasil2011_v1.0). When you request permission to sign up for the files, click Yes. /*/*/*/

    Development aid is more than welcome!

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