AMS Renault Test Track

AMS Renault Test Track 1.01

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AMS Renault Test Track conversion from GTR2.
Fictional circuit in France.


-CSP required
-35 pit/start
-AI, cam

Credits & Thanks;
Gildoorf Rozencrantz, Ruboy, PrBlanco and Lo2k, the author of the GP4 original version and Thank you for gave me permission (Gildoorf)
Rickylix, conversion to rFactor
6ecko, conversion to GTR2

AC Converted by @shin956
AI and camtool by @Violaseven
Test and Feedback by @Mascot , @breathe_reprise , @kevink63 , @rmi_wood
RainFX by @kevink63
cam and ext_config parts by CrisT86
background by kunos

The readme for GP4, rF, GTR2, and AC can be found in the _readme folder.
v1.01 changelog;
Updated ext_config.
Updated grass material.
Deleted unnecessary objects.
Spectator now supports camera_facing.
Added cam by CrisT86.
Added camtool by Viola_seven.
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Latest updates

  1. Small update

    v1.01 changelog; Updated ext_config. Updated grass material. Deleted unnecessary objects...

Latest reviews

Perico Lospa
Fast curves, medium curves, slow curves, curves that change radius, some straight with hard braking at the end... and all in a nice and quite detailed circuit. It sure is a good testing ground!

Thank you for providing us with such great mods.
Awesome track! Great work, well done mate!
Very neat track, well-polished with an interesting layout. Thanks a lot for sharing it !
Big fan of this track and this is the best version of it I've tried. Great job. A must have.
Great work, that was one of my favorite tracks in GTR2,

thank you very much
HUGE improvements!
I used to really dislike this track but now I really do like it.
Top job. Billboard skin incoming.

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