AMS Prototype Challenge Endurance 1

the AJR18 and MCR2000 series!

  1. Comm_Cody
    This is inspired by Oscar Melero's AMS Endurance series (, which puts the AJR Metalmoro and the Boxer Cup into one series. One common request for this was to add the AJR18 to this series.

    Frankly, the AJR18 is 100% ill suited for this series and can barely outrun the Boxer. Putting it in that series is just plain boring and is an insult. Also, having about 70 cars in one series is terrifying and does not work on many tracks, both stock and modded.

    Instead, the AJR18 gets to stand in for an LMP3 and the MCR2000 gets to stand in for the DP-02 to recreate the IMSA Madza Prototype Challenge. This does not add any new cars, it just adds a series of the AJR18 and MCR2000, along with a combined talent folder.

    The install is simple, series into the series folder, gamedata into the gamedata folder. The .tga file is bad, because I made it in about three minutes with null knowledge of The series file could use some improvement, but don't know what could be done. Please read the readme for information on how to set up the race for the best effect.

    Happy Racing!
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