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AMS Pirelli World Challenge 2017 v0.6

AMS Pirelli World Challenge 2017

  1. Crivitz Chris
    Pirelli World Challenge 2017 for AMS v0.5 by Crivitz Chris - April 4, 2017

    First release of the 2017 Pirelli World Challenge Carset (13 of the 23 that particapated in the first round)

    GT 007 James Davison Aston Martin Vantage GT3 TRG-AMR
    GT 2 Ryan Dalziel Mercedes AMG CRP Racing
    GT 6 Bryan Sellers McLaren 650S GT3 K-PAX Racing
    GT 9 Alvaro Parente McLaren 650S GT3 K-PAX Racing
    GT-A 14 James Sofronas Porsche 911 GT3R (2016) GMG Racing
    GT-A 16 Michael Schein Porsche 911 GT3R (2016) Wright Motorsports
    GT-A 17 Alex Udell Porsche 911 GT3R (2016) GMG Racing
    GT 31 Daniel Mancinelli Ferrari 488 GT3 TR3 Racing
    GT-A 54 Tim Pappas Mercedes AMG Black Swan Racing
    GT 58 Patrick Long Porsche 911 GT3R (2016) Wright Motorsports
    GT 61 Alex Riberas Ferrari 488 GT3 R.Ferri Racing
    GT 98 Mike Hedlund McLaren 650S GT3 K-PAX Racing
    GT 99 Jon Fogarty Porsche 911 GT3R (2016) Gainsco/Bob Stallings Racing

    v0.5 - Initial Release
    -Other Cars will be added
    -4k Version to be added later
    -Need opinions on McLaren side logo placements as mapping isn't the greatest


    Patr1ot for the Mod
    alexmezza for his logo/font finding skills and the TR3 Logo
    Sylphide for the TR3 IGTC base car
    All the rest are skinned by CrivitzChris

    Do not reupload this skinpack anywhere else without permission.

    It takes a lot of time and beer to paint these car packs. If you care to donate, please do so here! Thank you!


    20170402224342_1.jpg 20170404194414_1.jpg 20170404194637_1.jpg
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Recent Reviews

  1. Duguidon
    Version: v0.6
    great work, thanks
  2. ClimaxF1
    Version: v0.6
    Really looking forward and appreciate all the work, thank you!
  3. Bostrom
    Version: v0.6
    Great work and thanks for sharing.
  4. Badexample69
    Version: v0.5
  5. Knoxstar
    Version: v0.5
    Excellent! Looking forward to the rest of the pack. I hope you are able to include the Sprint X. Most are the same but a few additions
  6. Marc Majnes
    Marc Majnes
    Version: v0.5
    tons of good work and time put into this , Cheers !!
  7. silversun
    Version: v0.5
    THX a lot Chris. Great skins pack.
  8. Charly69
    Version: v0.5
    ...thx so much Guys
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