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AMS F1 2017 concept Mercedes W08 update

F1 2017 concept Ferrari,Mercedes and VF modding team

  1. jajafrison
    F1 2017 concept by VF modding team
    Conversions and skins ( Ferrari,Mercedes) by j4ja14
    More cars,tracks and skins here:
    GRAB_028.JPG GRAB_033.JPG GRAB_035.JPG


    1. GRAB_036.JPG

Recent Reviews

  1. Marcelo Ozorio
    Marcelo Ozorio
    Version: Mercedes W08 update
    don't works, items head physics but not works.
  2. RicciardoF1
    Version: Mercedes W08 update
    It does not turn what so ever on a wheel? Wheel feels disconnected from the car.
  3. 2stains
    Version: 2017-01-08
    Two things stand out ,
    1: no series icon? having to select all cars and tracks takes along time to load and sort through . This mod wont get driven without a icon to remind people (over time) to click it .
    2: The arms are a bit rediculous , no need for them .
    apart from that , pretty fun to drive .
    Thank You
  4. formidable
    Version: 2017-01-08
    IS funny, but it needs DRS, and 8 gears.
  5. BurritosBR
    Version: 2017-01-08
    Wow, excellent work mate !!! The car feels great on track... Looking forward to this mod and hopefully we can se your work on some motorsport mod related article !!! Keep it up !!!
  6. Virtualsystem22
    Version: 2017-01-08
    good to see this car here in AMS.
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