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AMD Racing BMW Z4 GT3

AMD Racing BMW Z4 GT3 1.01

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Yes...we AMD users are sick of Nvidia getting all the press! Nvidia skins everywhere, Kunos supports Nvidia...come on! :thumbsdown::laugh::D:sneaky: AMD now has official representation in Assetto Corsa! :roflmao:

Seriously now...this project is a full carbon livery, replete with carbon textures made by hand specifically to get the proper carbon color, reflection, and weave size for the car. It took a long time making those 8K textures from little 256 pixel squares...:D. The carbon base was specially scaled per body piece so that most panels generally match and have correctly scaled carbon from edge to edge, since the Kunos templates have irregularly scaled body panels.

AMD matched colors in the fashion of M-division stripes, with custom sponsors and logos throughout, including the less common Cab Cola Dragon. The livery is 5k instead of 4k...I found that the extra resolution really made the carbon come out right :).



Latest updates

  1. Added driver names

    Small update, upon the request of a friend, I decided to add red script driver names and flags...

Latest reviews

Yeah that's nice ... like it
Good work!
thanks for this beautiful skin)
This is one of the best skins I've seen for the Z4 GT3, really awesome cool skin!! Love it. Learning here ;-)
yes! thanks for making this Bernd! sad to see there are just a few AMD skins :( cheers fella, viva AMD!
Bernd Graf
Bernd Graf
Hopefully more on the way ;)
Beautiful skin! My go to skin for the z4 from now on when I'm on my AMD rig. :D
Bernd Graf
Bernd Graf
Thank you, AMD fans ban together :)
ATI 4 Life ;)
Bernd Graf
Bernd Graf
Please rate quality of product, not petty names of companies :)
Bernd Graf
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