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AMD Nismo GTR 2.0

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i often see NVIDIA themed skins for a few cars but rare to see AMD themed one.
a bit unfair for AMD users like me :p
new tyres, new rims, increased quality of the banner with 3 sizes available as marked within the folder.
2 versions with different tyres included. Bridgestone and Michelin
just put the prechosen size to your Nissan NISMO GTR folder.

Michelin :


Bridgestone :


Latest updates

  1. Bridgestone ver.

    now included with Brigdestone tyres version.

Latest reviews

great skin for great car.
Really high quality skin, from the resolution options (and much higher resolution than the stock Kunos skins) to the well done tyres, just everything about it is speaking quality. Deserves five stars. Goes very well with the 'Angel Eyes' mod.
I'm using AMD too! Great job! Thanks....
Faster than my PC, that's for sure.
This skin is true 5 STAR quality.
Really good work, quality sure is there, a real pleasure thanks.
Quality skin mate, cheers
Excellent, from one AMD fan to another! What showroom?
thanks so much Bernd!
it's just a quickmade backplates combined with renders from my 3D render program. i don't/didn't use any showroom at all.
Great job mate!
Wow, that is a lovely little one :)
Being an AMD user, I am very enthusiastic about this. Another great one.
Yup AMD rulez :)
Great AMD skin from one of the best designers!...
Cool and quality skin , thanks mate ! :)