Alzen Porsche 996 Biturbo "Turbinchen" 4.0

VLN "Special" build for the Nordschleife

  1. 996 Multilink Update & AC Custom Shaders Updates


    - rear suspension is now real 5-link Multilink, according to both '03 and '05 spec ('05 with raised upper mounts)... yes AC actually supports it without any mod, and this info reached me through the grapevines. Open the suspension app once ingame and see for yourself. Was found out during deeper investigation towards BMWs E31 rear suspension for Stingray's mod project
    - general suspension tuning, dampers, springs etc
    - (overall improving...
  2. Update

    Been some time. This patch brings the cars up to spec for the current patch. Lot's of small updates and patches everywhere. Very little work on the 3D model of them tho. Try it out :)

    26.12.16 - 16.01.2017
    - numerous shader and texture updates/fixes
    - new blur texture for rims
    - fixed EMPTY_CURVE error produced by tyres.ini
    - re-evaluated inertia
    - adjusted fuel consumption
    - Better positioning of LCD instruments
    - UI updates
    - applied all changes from AWD to...
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  3. Physics packed for online usage

    Physics packed for online usage
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